West Side Market, Cleveland

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to visit Cleveland by now, here is one more:
 West Side Market – the oldest publicly owned market in Cleveland. AKA: A farmer’s market the likes of which I have rarely seen. And filled with items I have rarely seen…
 Smokies. Everywhere, there were lots and lots of these gourmet Slim Jims. They were spicy, slightly chewy, salty, and addictive.
 Bratwurst sandwiches. At 7 AM. With sauerkraut. The amount of joy I feel at that is indescribable.
 Didn’t eat this…but I have to say that I love that it is a thing. 
 The Greenhouse Tavern does a roasted pig’s head…I will never forgive my sister for not letting us order it.
 These were some of the best olives I have ever had – meaty, soft, salty, with sharp and spicy cheese inside. Rita’s has some amazing olives – be sure to try the wasabi blue cheese stuffed olives, too.
 Everywhere, there was incredible bread. 
This pepperoni-Asiago loaf was especially delicious – like a stromboli made with sourdough bread. 
 Locally raised pork already stuffed with fresh cornbread stuffing.
 Every kind of pirogi on the face of the planet. Cheese, potato, sauerkraut, even apricot…
which tasted like a very thick blintz!
 You can buy any part of the animal you so desire…
or you can go vegetarian for the day.
Of course, if you go vegetarian, you might as well do it with these sauerkraut balls – crisply fried balls of sauerkraut and cheese.
In conclusion, Cleveland is really a town for food and people who love it. The town’s motto seems to be this:
And that’s kind of my motto, too.


  1. Wait, I now want to move to Ohio. Did I just say that??

  2. It's definitely worth a trip! Bonbon is great as well. The brussel sprouts…simply mouthwatering!

  3. Cat@ Breakfast to Bed says:

    you make me miss my home. if it weren't for the crippling economy….

  4. Michael Walsh says:

    I have been shopping at the WSM for 30 years. It is a very unique place, and in recent years it has become the center of resurgance for the neigborhood. The relativly recent addition of prepared food stalls has turned out well and is just another reason to visit the market. I'm very glad you enjoyed your visit.

  5. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Sarah-I KNOW!!
    @LG-next time, it's on my list!
    @Cat-you are so lucky to have grown up there!
    @Michael-I really did! It's a wonderful place!

  6. L. Miller says:

    Remember going there when I was little with my parents. Actually, Clevleand is really being revitalized, especially through the West Side and the Arcade area. Great to see landmarks still thriving! So miss Cleveland and Shaker Heights!

    • @L. Miller, I was just talking with my sister about how cool Cleveland is! I would go back there for a weekend in a heartbeat!