Capizzi – Pricey Pizza in Hell’s Kitchen

If you were a tourist from SmallTown, USA coming out of Port Authority’s dubious Southwest entrance, and found yourself faced with men whistling catcalls, women slugging cheap booze out of paper bags, and a general feeling of fear…what would you do?
A)    Trust that you would reach a friendly area soon and walk up a few blocks, where you would be greeted with the tame atmosphere and delicious Thai food of Hell’s Kitchen
B)     Join in the fun, grab a 40 at the corner bodega, and pray that you didn’t wake up in Coney Island
C)    Spot a cute looking Italian restaurant across the street, and view it as a beacon of sanity and a port in the storm.
Most of us would choose C. That is the whole reason that Cappizzi exists. This small restaurant, hidden under the bus lane leading into Port Authority, fairly DRIPS little Italy the second you walk in there, as I did with Hungry and Feisty. Frank Sinatra croons on the radio, a mustached man flips pizza dough in the back, and a Coke machine sits…
Ready to dispense frosty sodas. Why does it taste so much better in a vastly overpriced glass bottle than out of a fountain dispenser?
Prosciutto and Arugula with Prosciutto Di Parma, Arugula, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, and Olive Oil
This is an excellent pizza. The prosciutto is slightly thicker cut than I usually have it – a wise choice since it helps the delicate meat stand up to the peppery arugula and sturdy crust. The meat is salty and meaty – no hint of hard waxiness that cheaper prosciutto so often has. The Parmigiano is nutty and sharp, providing a welcome contrast to the unctuous meat.
The crust is good, not great- a bit thicker than I prefer, with not enough char or bubbles along the edge. But it does the job.
Loaded Pizza with Fresh Oregano. Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions, Roasted Peppers, Garlic, and Fresh Oregano
This pizza is also quite tasty. The sausage is sweet with fennel and spiked with plenty of pepper. The pepperoni is a bit flaccid, but the roasted mushrooms, onions and peppers more than make up for that. The cheese is very mild, and I would prefer more of a punch, but it was at least high quality and pleasantly stringy. Be prepared that Feisty found a whole roasted garlic clove in her slice…I consider than an aphrodisiac, but if you are going to the club later, you might want to lay off those whole cloves.
So…cute restaurant, tasty food, good service…what’s the issue?
The price.
Oh, the price.
These pies – which are personal size, mind you- each cost between $15 and $20. For four pieces of pizza. Four small pieces. I don’t care how deep your pockets are, when you pay upwards of $10 for a personal pizza, unless it’s covered in truffles and served on gold, you are being gouged. The prices are just too high when there is better and cheaper pizza a few blocks in any direction. They are keeping these prices high because those bewildered folks coming off the bus keep stumbling in and paying those prices. It’s a way to make a buck. But, though the food is good, it’s not a way to get me back.
Lucky for them, a bus from Anywhere, USA is probably arriving in the terminal right now.  
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  1. I liked the pizza here but I agree that it was too pricey. Unfortunately, not many good alternatives in the area.

  2. Fat Mike says:

    This place is pretentious and expensive and in a crappy neighborhood. It is formula yuppie style pizza with low grade ingredients. Saw a roach.

  3. Must have been the same little critter I saw. Plastic quality mozzarella and twenty bucks I am still hungry. Ok for tourists. They don’t know any better.