3 Hot Cocktail and Wine Bars in NYC

It’s about that time again, where I take off my eating pants and put on my drinking hat. Time for a round up of the most delicious cocktails I have had in recent memory!


This is one of the coolest bars I have ever frequented. Hidden inside a divey hot dog shack, you go into an old telephone booth, pick up the receiver, and give your name (reservations are a must – call at 3 pm the day you want to go). Then, the back of the telephone booth will open and you will be led into a small, elegant space where a James Beard nominated cocktail program awaits you. Everything from a bourbon-bacon fat cocktail to a peanut butter and celery concoction to the cocktail in the photo above, with the flavor of candied apples and rum, is complex and unexpected. The price is steep, but the payoff is excellent. As an added bonus, you can get hot dogs and tator tots designed by chefs like David Chang and Daniel Humm – really Haute Junk Food. This is a destination cocktail bar that is sure to impress.

Glass of Fino Sherry, Terroir Tribeca

This wine bar is known not only for its delightful small plates (anything fried is a good bet) and excellent by the glass wine selection, but for its very reasonable happy hour. So reasonable, in fact, that if you get there before 6 pm, your glass of sherry is FREE! This is a wonderful introduction to sherry, a potent fortified wine. This is much less sweet than I expected, with a strongly nutty aroma that was perfect with a wedge of manchego cheese. One small glass of this and you may, as I did, find yourself hooked! And hey, the price is right!

NYC and the Orient at Slightly Oliver

This cocktail bar can’t possibly be on the Upper West Side. Except that…it is. Large, decorated like an eccentric English library, and with a collection of delicious craft cocktails, this place is so swanky that it seems more like the East Village than neighbors with Barney Greengrass. This drink, with Thai Basil infused Gin, Yellow Tomato Water, Reduction of Tangerine and Peppercorn, and Habanero Bitters speaks well to that point. Light, herbal, with a slight kick from the bitters and a note of sweetness from the Tangerine, it is like a subtle bloody mary – the best one I have had in NYC. If you like Bloody Marys, get this. If you don’t, there is a cocktail menu filled with expertly crafted libations, one of which is sure to tickle your fancy.

And if you don’t drink, sorry for this post…and really sorry that you don’t drink.

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