Maille Mustard Store in Paris

On my trip to Paris last summer, I visited what might be the best shop in Paris. By the best, I don’t mean the most exclusive, the most expensive, or the trendiest.

I mean, of course, the most delicious.

The Maille store in the Place de Madeleine area looks like it has been there since the times when carts and horses roamed the streets of Paris instead of cars. Inside is nothing less than the Disneyland of mustards.

You have probably seen Maille mustard in America, but never a selection such as this. Mustards with fruits, mustards with exotic spices, mustards made especially for fish and mustards made to pair with cheese. Mustard based sauces for fish soup and mustard glazes to use for meats. Even special, seasonal mustards using the most seasonal vegetables and spices to create flavors like apricot curry, goat cheese pear, and wheat bread spiced mustards. There must be 80 mustards or more in the store at any given time, that change seasonally, and are not offered outside of France. There are even some mustards you can only get at one of the Maille stores, here or in Dijon, France.

You can also buy your own (huge) carafe, which is refillable, and have it filled with one of three mustards that are on tap: A mild, grainy Chardonnay mustard, a spicy and sweet Chablis mustard, and a classic,tangy Dijon mustard. Each is delicious, each is different.

Taste them with the provided breadsticks, make your choice, and watch the salesperson fill up your jar to bring home.

The best souvenirs really are edible.

I bought a jar of the black truffle and celery root mustard, which is, to date, the second best condiment I have ever tasted(Sriracha, you still win) – complex, earthy, heavy on the truffle taste with the herby aroma of the celery root. This makes a turkey sandwich into a gourmet meal and is incredible when spread on a rare steak sandwich.

This mustard store is always where I spend the bulk of my souvenir money in France. You can keep your fancy clothes, have fun at Cartier, but leave the mustard to me.


  1. How have I never known about this store before? That place looks like heaven. On my last trip to France I was bringing back a few jars of mustard I bought in Dijon… on the final layover in Seattle (there were many layovers) the customs folk discovered my mustard and said that it was “liquid” and they would need to confiscate it. I teared up and was about to lose it. I looked at him with teared up eyes and said “Please don’t take my mustard. Its JUST MUSTARD!”. At that, the customs guy kindly looked at me and said “Well, don’t go getting all upset on me. Go ahead and keep your mustard. Just remember this for next time. It is considered a liquid”. Phew!!!

    • aaaahhh!!! Thank HEAVEN it was an understanding customs guy! That would have been DISASTROUS!

    • Christine glass says:

      Next time pack on suitcase that gets checked in. I learned this after having a number of liquids including perfume confiscated in Europe. Never a problem in us as long as it is in suitcase. I’ve had my luggage locks broken twice but nothing taken out.

  2. I cleaned out my fridge yesterday. The number of mustards I had to get rid of was saddening.

  3. THIS STORE EXISTS?! It’s a must for my upcoming Paris trip. I only buy Maille for dijon. I want to also visit the factory one day. I LOVE MUSTARD!

  4. Hello…I saw this store on an Andrew Zimmerman show! We are going to Europe in May, so could you please send me the address? Thanks a bunch

    • Hi Jan, the address is 6 Place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris, France

      Have a blast in Europe!

  5. Jo Franke says:

    My housemates just came back from Paris and, yes, they visited this store and brought home crocks of mustard from the tap! They even came with little wooden paddle-like spoons! I can’t wait to try them. When I move to Germany in a few months, I’m gonna have to go to Paris just to go to this store. There are some herbal mustards I wanna try!

    • fritosfg says:

      Oh wow, there are some great ones! And Germany has FANTASTIC food! I’m absolutely jealous! 😉

  6. The crock of Maille au Vin Blanc mustard was hands down the BEST thing I just brought home from Paris, and I purchased some pretty great things. I am already stressing out about finding more of this exact variety of vin blanc — truly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and a crucial ingredient for real French vinaigrette. Is there any US source for Maille mustard (not the “sugary American supermarket version,” as my French friend would say) that tastes like the one I purchased at the Maille shop? Or must I return to Paris?

    • fritosfg says:

      Hi Dawn – I think you can order it online, via the maille website! Amazon may also carry it 🙂

      • Thanks! I did see it on the Maille website for about 12 euro but I can only imagine what shipping from France will cost. Am I crazy enough to pay $30+ for a small jar of mustard? Time will tell! I was hoping you had some super-secret affordable source 😉

        Amazon seems to only have the Canadian produced mustard available, and I found this review interesting:

        “The Maille mustard available in the USA is produced in Canada and not the same recipe as the original French type. I recently visited the Maille Boutique at place de la Madeleine in Paris to find out why their French products are now not avilable in the USA. I was told that several years ago the US Government imposed a 200 percent import tax on any mustard produced in France. I assume some lobby of US mustard producers induced Congress to impose this duty.
        So the Maille name was formed as a Canadian company, not associated with Maille of France, so that the mustard can be imported into the USA from Canada without this import duty since it was now being produced in Canada without the original Maille famous recipes. The taste of the Canadian produced Maille is not as good as the Maille mustards from France. So thank you to Congress for your interference in commerce from the great mustards from France. I did bring some various Maille mustards back with me from France but packed up in my checked luggage as customs will not allow you to bring them in carry on luggage.”

        • carolyn says:

          Just got back from Paris last week and bought a variety of mustards from the Maille store or should I say, boutique! The pistacio orange is a little bit of heaven. Next time I visit the city I will certainly stock up! Just a little drop of the mustard is a party to the taste buds!
          Vive la France!

  7. Christine says:

    question to Dawn? I’m going to Paris soon, you said the jar is 12 euro is it a bigger jar than the maille the sell here in the states. Just planning on buying a lot and watching my budget. I’m sure it’s worth it. I go through a 7 oz. jar in less than 2 weeks. I’d appreciate it if you can give me an idea of how big is the jar so I can plan my budget. I love this stuff and I’m buying loads of it. You can e-mail me at I would so much appreciate it.

  8. I am DYING to try this mustard. I was trying to order some on the Maille website, but it said that, for the moment, they only ship inside of France. Does anyone know if this is a recent development, or if it is likely to change anytime soon?

    • Oh, I have no idea…darn it! Maybe you could try buying some off ebay or amazon? the dijon version sold in America is some of my favorite, though not as unique as those super out there flavors!

  9. A friend is heading to Paris tomorrow and I was in the process of recommending Maille as the decadent Mecca of Mustard – when what should I find but your delightful blog post on their shop! Absolutely one of my favorite stops in Paris – every visit I find new treasures (usually something with truffles and other forms of gastronomical wickedness). Likewise, it was an unexpected treat to find your blog – certainly one I plan on following and savoring. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much for the kudos, Daniel! I really, really appreciate it! I will go check out your site now – always a pleasure to connect with others who love food, Paris, or both!

  10. I just found your blog while researching Maille for my blog! I noticed on their site that they now offer dijonaisse in squeeze bottles. I don’t know about you but that seems a bit blasphemous!

  11. Just wanted to say a big thank you. This blog inspired me to visit the Maille store when I was in Paris recently and I loved it. I bought a bottle of the pistachio and orange mustard and it’s like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. The weird thing, however, is that it tastes almost like a dessert and I’m really not sure what to eat it with. I like it, but I don’t know when to eat it. Any tips??

    • fritosfg says:

      Hi Nick,
      So glad that you went and enjoyed! I think that sweeter mustards are great in salad dressings, on turkey and apple sandwiches, and/or accompanying soft cheeses, like brie or tallegio. Let me know what you think!

  12. Susan Knorr says:

    Last year I bought the three flavors of the year, beautiful colored and packaged in a sleeve. Even tears didn’t convince the Paris baggage checkers to let it go through, although it was factory sealed. I suspect one of them picked it out of the disposal place after I left. If I had had more time, i could have checked my baggage, but I didn’t.

  13. Having just got back from Paris, Im now obsessed with french mustard. I dont know what I am going to do when I run out of my Maille dijon that I brought back with me!! Looking around the web, I found a seller on Ebay who is located in Lyon, France. He has several different varieties of Maille available. He can be found under the seller name “french my world.” Hope this helps guys 😉

  14. Headed there in two weeks 🙂 it is an awesome shop in a wonderful area with other unique culinary shops around the small historic streets of the area. We spent over an hour in the place two years ago and came out with a couple of bags of the different assortments they have. I purchased one larger bottle of the vin blanc and I believe a Chablis variety as well…what a wonderful boutique and the black & gold Maille bags they send you out with are also quite nice!!


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