Soft Boiled Eggs with Safest Choice Eggs

I am a fan of raw eggs – always have been, always will be. Love a gooey eggs benedict, a steaming portion of oyako don, and especially love licking my spoon when I make cookie batter.

Unfortunately, whenever I do this, I say a silent prayer that my egg is completely fresh, with no strains of salmonella or anything else that could make my stomach turn.

I am lucky about 90% of the time. The rest of the time, I feel a little nauseated the rest of the day. What can I say, when an egg goes even slightly bad, it just doesn’t sit well on the stomach. How can it – it is, after all, unpasteurized.

Or, it was anyway.

It was before Safest Choice Eggs. I had never heard about eggs that were pasteurized before this, but these eggs are. They are heated very gently to eliminate the fear of salmonella. This gentle heating also destroys much bacteria, which means that Safest Choice eggs last for 30 days in your fridge.

30 days without going bad…are you KIDDING ME?!

I was already sold when I heard this, but when I went to the press event, Rose Levy Beranbaum was introduced as a spokesperson for the brand.

Beranbaum is to baking what Snookie is to underachievers: the groundbreaking game-changer to whose career all aspire.

She guarantees that the eggs work excellently in all of her baking recipes, and that since the eggs are slightly cooked through pasteurization, the shell actually closes its pores, thus becoming less permeable to smells.

Anyone who has ever had a white cake with a slight flavor of onions thanks to a sliced red onion in the fridge knows why this is important.

She served these cupcakes, which were indeed incredible. It is partially her wonderful recipe and skill, partially the fact that these eggs manage to stay so fresh so long – so creamy and rich. The buttercream frosting was especially wonderful – light but rich, enhanced with raw egg yolks.

Well, if this brand of eggs is good enough for Rose, it should be good enough for me. Of course, I had to cook with these eggs myself.

I brought some water to a boil and gently lowered an egg in it, via spoon. Don’t just drop it in, or it will crack.

As the egg cooked, I took a piece of toast, and rubbed it with a peeled garlic clove. Really rub it hard, so the clove grates on the toast’s crunchy top. The delicate scent of garlic should waft up to you and make your stomach rumble. Then, cut it into small sticks or “soldiers.”

After EXACTLY 6 minutes, I removed the egg and immediately ran it under cold water. This stops the cooking process and ensures that the egg won’t hard boil as you get ready to eat it.

Then, setting the egg in a 1/4 measuring cup, I tapped it with my knife…

until the luscious yolk revealed itself. Be sure to remove any shards of shell from the egg before digging in.

The Safest Choice people don’t lie. This is a totally fantastic egg. Buttery, clean, intensely egg-y, with a velvety white. I like a dash of Worcestershire sauce in my egg, but it is delicious just with salt, pepper, and that gently garlicky toast.

Best of all, no fear of nausea.

Raw egg lovers of the world, unite!

Safest Choice Eggs aren’t only safe, they are also delicious.

*I attended a press sponsored event and was provided with eggs. I was not paid or required to to write about the product, and my opinions are my own and, I feel, unbiased.*


  1. Luscious photos! You need an egg cup. 😉

  2. love soft-boiled eggs too!

  3. Kristin says:

    Love these! In England all the little kids eat them and they call it “Dippy Eggs and Soldiers”…too cute.


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