Tabasco Deli, Avery Island

The first thing to know about when you visit Avery Island, Louisiana, is that the island is Tabasco. This is where Edmund McIlhenny first invented the sauce, where the first Tabasco peppers were grown, and where the sauce is processed and bottled to this very day. The second thing to know about visiting Avery Island is that the place is a Tabasco playland. Here, you can:

taste jalapeno ice cream (sweet and vanilla-y at first, with a lingering citrusy heat at the finish),

purchase gargantuan jugs of Tabasco sauce,

and sample as many types of Tabasco sauces, Tabasco pickles, and Tabasco seasonings as you can fit down your gullet.

When you are ready to chow down after visiting the country store, visit  Tabasco Deli, a small eatery that was built for the employees of Tabasco, and where many of Tabasco’s workers still eat lunch today.

This ain’t a fancy joint – a few oilcloth covered tables, a counter serving hot plate lunches and simple sandwiches, and some bottled sodas are all you will find here. Leave the suit and tie at home.

Roast Beef Sandwich, fully dressed
I got this sandwich Po-Boy style, with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard. It is simple, but very good. Fresh roasted beef, not as rare as I like but very tender and delightfully robust in flavor. Fresh tomatoes, a swath of tangy creole mustard, and some well toasted bread made this sandwich one that you would be happy to eat for lunch as a kid.

The addition of some garlicky and spicy Tabasco pickles and some Sweet and Spicy Tabasco sauce (tasting vaguely of curry and ginger) made this sandwich interesting and adult.

Some Fritos doused in smoky chipotle Tabasco sauce complete a plain but shockingly satisfying meal.
This isn’t a destination place. It isn’t fancy or even particularly Louisiana-cuisine-centric. It is just somewhere to grab a quality sandwich, where everything is made quickly, from scratch, and is served with a smile.

*Disclaimer: This was a sponsored press trip. I was not required to write a review, and the opinions are my own and, I feel, unbiased.*


  1. We almost went here a couple weeks ago. But we both had hangovers from the night before in San Antonio and were anxious to get to New Orleans, so we just said “Nah, let’s keep going.”

    • fritosfg says:

      it was a really cool place – I highly recommend it for the afternoon, but I’m sure that New Orleans was unreal!

  2. New Orleans was freaking awesome. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it until I returned.

    I brought Tapatio with me to my favorite local Brooklyn pizza joint the other night. It definitely was a nice touch to the pizza. I might try Tabasco eventually.