Claw – New England Lobster Rolls in Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen has a ton of Thai restaurants and diners, but New England lobster shacks? That we don’t got – well that we didn’t got.

Claw is a tiny storefront on Ninth Avenue. It specializes in fresh Maine lobster, serving it as various iterations, including its most famous one, the lobster roll. This has one more location, in Chelsea, and this site has a white and peach interior, looking for all the world like a very skinny ice cream parlor.

Lobster Bisque

Claw only uses fresh Maine lobster that is never frozen, and the taste comes through in its bisque. Creamy and smooth, but not thick or sludgy, this manages to be rich without being overpowering or too heavy. The lobster chunks are numerous, velvety, and meaty in the buttery bisque. Sweet and comforting, this is closer to clam chowder than a traditional lobster bisque Though this could benefit from a hit of sherry to elevate the taste from more than simply butter, the taste is still excellent.

Lobster Roll

They don’t skimp on the lobster here. A generously toasted hot dog bun, crisp with butter, holds sweet steamed lobster meat, bound only with a bit of creamy mayonnaise and tossed with a good amount of salt, to bring out the lobster’s natural salinity. The cool meat collides with the warm bun for a unique sensation of flavors, temperatures, and textures. A good example of a classic Maine style lobster roll.

The fries are another great point. Fried to order from fresh potatoes, they are crispy and served with tart cornichons and an eggy homemade mayonnaise – I could have eaten that mayo by the spoonful.

So would I come here again? A qualified “yes” – if someone else was paying. Lunch here is expensive – that lobster roll alone was almost $17. It was tasty, but not what I would call a great value. If they changed their prices by a few dollars, I would stop here easily every week.

Till then, I think I might continue to drive to Connecticut for my lobster fix!

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  1. What is that last picture of? Also, pet peeve, soups called bisque that simply aren’t. You alluded to that but it really irks the hell out of me because I don’t favor bisques for the very reason they are bisque. Your soup above is more to my taste minus its misleading name. I almost said “I want to go to there” until I saw your final comment about the prices… ah well.

    • fritosfg says:

      The last photo is of my FAVE lobster roll in Connecticut! I agree that the bisque was misnamed!

  2. What’s the address? It’s not on the website yet.

  3. 17 bucks ain’t cheap, but six years ago I ate at BLT Fish Shack (because I’d seen it on Food Network) and the lobster roll was $26 and not as good looking at this one.

  4. Have you been to Luke’s? Delish and a great deal – same price includes chips and soda!

  5. No – I’ve really only been into Manhattan twice (other than trips through Grand Central) since I’ve been here. I’ve heard of Luke’s, though, and definitely will make it there, hopefully soon.

  6. How is their soup not a bisque? if anything it is a pure true bisque. Nothing about it resembles a clam chowder. And compared to Ed’s, Mermaid Inn, and Pearl bar its a steal at more than $10 less.

  7. Everything’s relative. I can’t imagine you’ll find a lobster roll under $17 in New York. I think even the trucks charge that.

    • Very true, Peter. I am just spoiled by the outrageously cheap and delicious lobster rolls up and down the coast of New England, but NYC is a very different game.