Foreign Grocery Store Finds

Foreign grocery stores are fantastic examples of how, even though we are a global society now, there are still some cultural quirks and strongholds that will just never become part of our American culture. I love feeling like an alien, and I never feel stranger than when staring at foods that, though they look somewhat familiar to me, are totally unlike anything I have ever tasted.

Ham and chutney potato chips

 In case you think this actually tastes like ham, you are wrong. Liquid smoke mixed with something that tastes like meaty bubblegum…so unnapealing, but the Brits love them.

Oaty Crumble

It’s terribly clever. A doddle…it sounds like a precocious toddler, doesn’t it?

Breaded ham

In case just eating pure pig products isn’t fatty enough for you, they like to add some carbs to make SURE it all shows up on your hips.

Water Bottle Wine

Only in France could you find wine in a plastic water bottle with a screw top. Environmentally and Happy Hour friendly.

Chef of the Century Frozen Food

While we are eating Hot Pockets and treating Stouffer’s like it’s the Messiah, French kids are eating duck casserole made by Joel Robuchon. Life is so unfair.

Mexican’t Food

Fried shrimp fajitas could really only be taken seriously in France.

The next time that you travel, please take care to visit the grocery stores! You won’t be sorry!


  1. Oh I always go to the supermarket and farmers market when overseas. I like to look at the food people buy. I always purchase weird flavored potato chips too.