Lattanzi’s Pizzeria, Edgartown

When I hear Martha’s Vineyard, I think lobster rolls, B&Bs, and Jaws. I really don’t think pizza.

Lattanzi’s Pizzeria changed all that for me. Lattanzi’s is an elegant Italian restaurant in the upscale community of Edgartown and the pizzeria is the restaurant’s casual offshoot.

Open year round, it is a relaxed place where you can come in jeans, order a glass of wine, and chow down on some seriously great ‘za.


Baked in the wood burning oven, the bread is really worth mentioning. Sour and dense, with a pleasantly floury crust, it is great when dipped in the spicy garlic olive oil.

Zuppe alla Pesce

A nightly special, this shellfish soup was satisfying  in every way. It was an ample portion, spicy, fruity with tomatoes, and herby with parsley. The shellfish was fresh, salty, and juicy, and the result was a soup that was filling, well-rounded, and delicious with hunks of that delicious bread.

Vongole -Clam pie with Tomatoes, Herbs, Garlic, Spinach, and Asiago

When in Martha’s Vineyard, clams at every course are de rigueur. Here, topping wafer thin crust, they are adorned with garlicky spinach, sweet tomatoes, and salty shards of Parmesan cheese. The clams themself taste sweet and very fresh, tender atop the crunchy crust.

Though the crust could use some more charring, it still manages to be chewy at the edges, with enough heft at the middle to carry the toppings.

The price is a little steep, but it’s Martha’s Vineyard – in general, full service restaurants here are pricey. The food is delicious, the service is efficient, and the atmosphere is much more laid back than most of the sit down restaurants on the island. It’s a nice break from fried oysters (not that I ever need a break from fried oysters!).

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