Spring Natural Kitchen, Sarabeth’s, and Veselka Bowery

Every now and then, these posts make a showing on the blog – just bits and pieces of restaurants that I have visited around the city that deserve some acclaim.

Spring Natural Kitchen Turkey Burger

The UWS rendition of this SoHo restaurant is a bustling, casual eatery that is nice enough for dinner with the parents but relaxed enough for a solo drink at the bar. The seasonal and natural menu features one of the best turkey burgers in the city. Thick and very juicy, it has a phenomenal texture. It must have breadcrumbs in the patty, because it is soft and pleasantly tender, like a wonderful meatball in a meatball sub. The spices are robust, with herbs like oregano bringing out the meaty flavors of the turkey. Served with fresh shoestring fries and tart homemade Russian dressing, this is one burger that really doesn’t have me missing beef. As an added bonus, the prices are very reasonable.

Sarabeth’s Potato Waffle

Sarabeth’s will always have a huge wait for brunch on the weekends. Pick straws, get one of your party to go 45 minutes early to put your name on the list, and by the time you get there, your name will be called. When there, you would do well to order the potato waffle with sour cream, apple compote, and chicken-apple sausage. The waffle has a crispy exterior and a fluffy inside that is like a knish – mashed potatoes within a waffle! When dipped in some sour cream, this is one delightful brunch. Paired with the sweet and savory sausage, it is a pricey but delicious indulgence. Go here with your parents or your kids – it’s a great family place.

Veselka Bowery Pierogies

This new incarnation of the classic Veselka Diner is definitely tonier, with a large loft-like feel in an airy space. There is also a slightly more upscale menu, including a fabulous beet and dill martini, but the old favorites remain. Come here for the pierogies – get them pan fried on a bed of sweet caramelized onions. Filled with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, tender pot roast, or creamy goat cheese, these are the Ukrainian answer to gyoza. Crunchy on the outside, steaming warm on the inside. Smother them in sour cream and gobble them up. At about $10 for an order, it is a tasty bargain in a hip setting.

Now the only problem will be how to fit in all the food you clearly have to try.

It’s a tough job, but I know you are up to the challenge.


  1. all three featured are amazing, especially those waffles, my god.