Tabasco Sweet and Hot Pralines

You know those candied nuts that sit on cocktail bars and are sold in upscale grocery stores? They are crunchy, sweet, and incredibly addictive? They are the kind of snacks that could easily land you in a larger pants size because they are so delicious and taste fantastic over vanilla ice cream.

Here is a nut recipe that is ready to blow the old ones out of the water.

These nuts have the same addictive crunch, the same wonderful crystallized sweetness, but also have some deeply savory herbs and – after you swallow – a gentle hit of heat that creeps up right behind your cheeks. It isn’t a fiery explosion, but a gentle warmth that brings out the sweetness of the praline. If you like sweet and savory, this recipe is for you.

Hot and Sweet Tabasco Pralines


1/2 lb. mixed unsalted nuts (I prefer pecans and walnuts)

1.5 cup water

2 cups sugar

10 dashes Tabasco sauce

2 Tbs. herbs de Provence

1. Add the water and sugar to a large saute pan over medium high heat.

2. Add the Tabasco sauce.

3. Add the herbs and let the mixture come to a rolling boil – it should take 5 minutes or less. In that time, set up a sheet of aluminum foil greased with spray or oil.

This is what you want to see.  You should also smell a strong sweet and spicy scent.

4. Now add the nuts and work quickly, turning them over and over in the sugary syrup.

5. After the nuts have all been turned in the syrup and start to develop a crystallized look, tip them out into a single layer on the oiled foil. Let them cool and then store them in a Tupperware container, where they will last for 10 days, or eat them immediately.

These are, in the biggest understatement of this blog, the most addictive snacks on the face of the planet. They are savory, they are sweet,  and they are gently spicy. This isn’t a snack for chile heads, it’s really about how balanced the flavors are. The Tabasco truly becomes mellow, like when a sharp jalapeno turns into a smoky chipotle. These are perfect with a cocktail, as an addition to a salad made with spinach and goat cheese, or even with some triple creme cheese and berries for dessert.

Of course, that’s assuming you just don’t eat them all out of hand immediately.

*Disclaimer: Tabasco has compensated me for this recipe*


  1. I wanted to eat those SO badly. Darn you, tree nut allergy.

  2. Yum. Want. These. Now.

  3. How much nuts? It doesn’t say?