The Linc – Upscale Diner

One of my friends runs a really great bootcamp that occasionally works out so close to my house that I can’t think of an excuse not to go…besides the fact that I absolutely physical activity.

I’m Jewish…it’s cultural.

After a workout, my favorite thing to do, besides cursing out my trainer, is grab a meal that effectively cancels out all of the hard work I had done. Recently, I did so at Linc.

This restaurant on the far, far west side of 42nd Street, is a restaurant with an identity crisis. Is it a casual restaurant? An elegant diner? Comfort food or new American? Who knows? It has the look of a laid back eatery that is good for a casual weekend brunch or a quick weeknight drink at the bar.

Julius (Caesar) Salad with Skirt Steak

This Caesar salad is much better than standard diner fare, but not up to snuff if this place wants to be called an elegant restaurant. The salad arrives chopped with a fair amount of dressing but not so much that it is soggy. The flavor is a little muted- not lemony or garlicky enough, but at least there is plenty of nutty parmesan cheese. The little grilled cheese sandwiches on the side are neither mentioned on the menu nor tasty, with cold bread and plasticky cheese. The steak is cooked a little past the requested medium rare, but it is well grilled, with a pleasant smoky taste. This is a good salad – not destination worthy, but fairly priced and filling.

Truffle Parmesan Fries

These fries are just what I wanted after an hour burning calories. Thin, crispy, well salted and drizzled with fragrant truffle oil. Covered in nuggets of garlic and parmesan cheese, these are over the top and kind of trashy. But, then, so am I.

Brownie Sundae

This is a surprisingly excellent desert. The ice cream is all made in house, and the velvety texture and rich, smooth taste really comes through. Placed atop a chewy brownie (that would have been better if it was heated) and covered in dark chocolate sauce, this is just what I needed to replace my electrolytes. Gatorade has nothing on a brownie sundae.

The prices are good here, and though the service is a little harried, it is sweet and competent.  This is in no way a destination restaurant, but it is a lot better than your local diner, with fresh food and a relaxed atmosphere. Linc is a reliable choice for someone way on the west side of Midtown who just wants a quick meal.

Or, someone who needs to erase all the good work they have just done for their body.

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  1. I want those fries! But, Lauren would be made at me 😉

    Trying to only have cheese once per day…