The Net Result, Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a summer town. What does that mean? It means that in the chillier early spring months, hotel rooms can be had for a song, the beaches are perfect for private walks, and many of the island’s famous eateries are not yet open for the season. That is difficult to be sure, but in return for doing some research, you can enjoy the beauty of the Vineyard without the traffic, and you can dine very well. Case in point:

The Net Result. This seafood market and casual restaurant is open year round, serving the freshest fish and shellfish that the island has to offer. When the other clam shacks and lobster huts are closed, this one is open, offering pristine seafood that has been caught that morning.

Everything from live lobster to fresh sushi to refrigerated crab cakes can be bought and prepared at home.

Or, of course, you can order at the counter, and after waiting a short time…

bring a paper bag to one of the picnic tables outside and indulge in one of the most delectable seafood feasts on the East coast.

Fried Oyster Roll

So fresh that the oysters are still swimming in their briny liquor seconds before they are fried. The breading is thin and, though becomes a bit soggy from its short stint in foil wrapping, does not take away from the warm, salty, juicy oysters. These are oysters that are fresh enough to be eaten raw – they still taste wild and of the sea. Tucked into a warm buttered hot dog bun, they want for nothing except a spritz of lemon.

Lobster Roll

Maine style, with huge, sweet hunks of fresh claw and tail meat bound lightly by mayonnaise. Salt and pepper are the only other additions to this incredibly ample lobster roll. The lobster for your roll will be freshly caught and cooked that day, and the meat is cooked until it is just barely done . This way, the lobster is buttery and tender.

Lobster Dip

Don’t miss this fantastic dish, found in the cold case. Made with fresh lobster, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and spices, this is what you always imagine when you order sub par crab dip from restaurants. Creamy, meaty, and slightly salty, it is delightful with a hit of hot sauce.


Simply steamed, with sweet morsels of mussel meat. Dipped in warm melted butter, you just won’t find mussels better than these anywhere.


Fresh. The whole thing. With the roe and tomalley.  Just fantastic.

A messy meal, but an inexpensive and delicious one.

And the views just can’t be beat.

Next up: Pizza in the Vineyard? It’s possible and tasty!


  1. I’m so jealous of your seafood meals! Epic deliciousness!

  2. kayla mastromonaco says:

    live here on mv born and raised… love the place and the food


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