Lazy Poached Salmon

It’s salmon season and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Salmon is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein, and incredible in flavor. I love the lush, smooth flavor and texture of salmon, especially the summer salmon that comes from Copper River.

So, when Copper River Salmon reached out to me and asked me to be part of the Copper River Salmon Fresh Catch Crew, it was a perfect fit. I have LONG been a fan of Copper River salmon, which are in season for only a few short months, and is the freshest wild salmon available. This means that it is a sustainable fish, and that it supports local fisherman. I am a huge believer in supporting small farmers and individual fishermen, and in eating sustainable seafood. I want to be eating for a long time to come, so if there is a way to get delicious fish that ensures that the fish will be reproducing for years to come, I am in on it!

As part of the Fresh Catch Crew, I will be letting you know where you can find Copper River Salmon in NYC on my Facebook page and Twitter. If you try it, I believe you will taste a HUGE difference between this and any other salmon you have tried.

The first shipment I received was Sockeye salmon. Almost fluorescent red, Sockeye is firmer than other types of salmon, and is often available through September. Because I find it less fatty than other types of salmon, I love to eat it with some sort of decadent sauce – that brings me to the method of poaching.

One of my favorite ways to eat salmon is poached. Warm or cool, poached salmon is delicate, gently cooked so that it flakes but is not at all dry or chalky. It can be served with a salad,with boiled potatoes, or sliced and layered on a crusty buttered baguette. The only issue is that poaching salmon, like poaching eggs, often requires attention and a bit of stress. Is there enough liquid? Is it hot enough? Is the fish overcooked?

No more.

This lazy poached salmon is for those of you who want a tender piece of perfectly poached fish without the stress. Perfect for Sunday brunch or an elegant picnic, this showcases the salmon beautifully. All you need is a pan with a tight-fitting lid and about half an hour.

Lazy Poached Salmon


1 lb. Copper River Sockeye Salmon

1 bottle white wine

small handful dill and tarragon

1 lemon, sliced but not peeled

1 onion, peeled and sliced

1. Pour the wine into a saucepan and set the heat on high.

2. Toss in the herbs, onion, and lemon.

3. When the wine boils, lay the salmon in, skin side down. The salmon should start to cook and turn opaque immediately.

4. Cover with lid, turn the heat off, and walk away.

5. After 25 minutes, remove the lid. Poke a fork into the middle of the thickest part of the fish and if it flakes easily and is opaque, it’s good to go. If it is too red or doesn’t flake easily, just put the pan on a VERY low heat and cook with the cover off until the fish is done cooking. Chances are, though, the fish will be cooked. If there is a white substance on the fish, it is called albumin. It is a natural protein that sometimes releases during cooking, but has no flavor, is totally normal, and can easily be wiped off before serving. 

6. Remove the fish and peel off the skin (it should come off quite easily).

7. Run your finger along the center and sides of the fish and remove any hairpin bones with your fingers or kitchen needle nose pliers.

8. Refrigerate or serve immediately.

This recipe is foolproof. You just can’t screw it up. The fish cooks gently because it isn’t over direct heat, and the long, slow cooking results in fish that is tender but not mushy. It is especially delicious served cold with homemade mayonnaise or sauce gribiche.  Pairing it with a piquant, creamy sauce enhances the naturally sweet, rich flavor of the salmon. Served with a few boiled potatoes and some blanched asparagus, this is spring on a plate. Even better, it is entirely wild and sustainable.

Being lazy and Copper River Sockeye salmon is one heck of a great combination.

Kind of like Fritos and foie gras.

Disclaimer: I was given the sockeye salmon as a sample. I am not being monetarily compensated for my opinions or recipes. 


  1. Sounds easy enough that even I can do it!

  2. Yes I totally agree, copper river salmon were so fresh and meaty. I love the flavor in your recipe. I should fix this one of these days. Great to connect with you through Copper River Salmon crew.

  3. I missed the first shipment but just got some sockeye. I poached some of it last night. So delicious! Poaching is a great way to make sure it doesn’t end up overcooked. Yours looks amazing with the sauce.


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