Lure Fishbar Happy Hour

When I heard that the man behind one of my favorite blogs was moving to the Big Apple, I knew that I would have to ambush him into having a meal together.

Maybe it’s that approach that makes me such an awkward friend.

Anyway, when Justin and his girlfriend Liz suggested Lure, I was game. I had heard great things about the happy hour , nd since it is a little pricey normally, happy hour is the perfect time to check it out.

This fish oriented restaurant is dark and is equally good for a business dinner or a group date. It looks like an ocean liner from the inside – it was all I could do not to start singing The Love Boat theme when I walked in.

Once again, I make an awkward friend.

Shrimp Tempura with Spicy Sesame Mayo

These confused me. At first bite, I loved them – tender shrimp encased in crispy coating, covered with a spicy, creamy sauce. Sweet, a touch salty, and perfectly fried. Then, my second bite tasted a little bit off; a bit iodine-y. My third bite wasn’t great either. Was this because the shrimp had been treated with too much  iodine or was it just a couple of off bites? I would give this a try again, but can’t say it was awesome this time.

Lobster Croutons with Golden Garlic and Chilis on Sourdough

Now, THESE were awesome. Tiny squares of sourdough toast topped with lobster salad. The lobster was perfectly cooked, bound with just enough mayonnaise and laced with crunchy, smoky bits of garlic. The lobster, sweet and juicy, was like a fantastic lobster roll with no filler. I could have eaten about 18 of these.

Chicken Lollipops, Buffalo Style with Blue Cheese and Celery

I originally just wanted to order seafood, but Justin bullied me into trying these.

Who’s the awkward friend now, I ask ya?

These were fantastic. Juicy little nuggets of chicken on the bone, Frenched so there was only meat right at the top. Cloaked in a thick but not goopy sauce that was plenty spicy, they needed only a quick swipe through the funky dressing to be that perfect marriage of meaty, hot, and salty that hot wings should be. These aren’t quite up to Croxley’s level, but for a pub-style menu item at a fancy schmanchy restaurant – I ain’t complaining.

I ain’t complaining about anything here. The prices at happy hour are great, the bar seating is comfortable, and the service is really excellent. Glasses never went empty and when we accidentally spilled a plate of lobster croutons, another order was brought gratis. I would come here any time with frends like Liz and Justin, to gossip about trashy TV and order more of those wings.

Sorry Justin, I know that kind of talk might bore you, but like I said…I’m an awkward friend.


  1. The lobster croutons were on a doily; I picked up the plate to pass it and the doily slid off liked greased lightning, like the time Clark Griswold put the industrial-strength lubricant on his sled.

    I also wasn’t a big fan of the shrimp (though I ate several) but my problem was more with the amount of sauce.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh man, you got to meet Justin? Jealous!!

  3. The AWKWARDEST ever. xoxo

    omg Justin did it fly up sparks too? that’s one of the greatest scenes* in the “Vacation” series of movies.

    *all of them are the greatest

  4. I love an awkward beginning to a friendship! I wish there had been some Love Boat theme singing. Next time.

    On to the food, I didn’t have the shrimp so I can’t comment. But the lobster croutons and chicken lollipops were great. I still feel bad for whoever had to pick up the delicious lobster bits off the floor.