Mitsuwa Japanese Gourmet Fair

The next time you want to visit Japan, just book your flight on All Nippon Airways.

Or, you can go to Edgewater, New Jersey.

There, you will find Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery store where you can find everything from mascara to rice makers to food imported straight from Japan. All the signs are in Japanese and most of the employees are Japanese, too. There is a wonderful Japanese  food court and every now and then, there is a food fair with food and chefs flown in from Hokkaido, Okinawa, and other places in Japan.

The prices are also extremely reasonable.

Ready for a little trip to Japan?

If you are lucky enough to come here during a food fair, bypass the right side of the market  (where you can get delicious prepared sushi, gyudon, and other Japanese treats) and go straight to the food court on the left side.

You may be lucky enough to see an assortment of croquettes, filled with everything from squid to chicken curry to…

butter and potato. Butter listed first because it is absolutely the predominant ingredient in this patty. It is mashed butter with some potatoes in there. Yet, it is not greasy. Just rich, comforting, creamy mashed potatoes encased in a feather light batter.

If that doesn’t get your engine going, there is no hope for you.

Feel free to ignore the bean paste sweets. I keep trying to love them and I can’t even like them.

Instead, go towards a giant vat of fresh snow crab.

Get a rice bowl topped with salmon roe, the fresh crab, and Hokkaido uni (which is dryer and a bit brinier than the Santa Barbara uni I love).

Or, go with the crab topped inari. The tofu wrapper is supple and sweet, stuffed with slightly sticky rice, crunchy bits of lotus root, and  the richest, mildest crab you have ever had. Imported from Hokkaido, it is buttery and almost sugary. Tender and fresh, it is the best crab sushi I have ever had. At only $13 for 4 pieces, it is also a steal.

There are octopus scallion bombs for those of you who love fish cakes…

and a custard filled waffle that is more like breakfast than dessert.

I will leave the tuna pizza crepe to you to try. I’m not that brave.

You can find me at the buttery potato coquette station.


  1. Woah! This just made me very happy. I used to visit the one in San Gabriel all the time; I had no idea there was one here. Can you get there by subway? I need to go soon.

    • There’s a bus from Port Authority for $2 that takes about 30 minutes and runs every 30 minutes or so – check the website for its full schedule. Really easy.

      Sarah – and green tea Kit Kats. Don’t forget the green tea Kit Kats.