Steak and Shake

My love for Midwestern fast food chains  knows no bounds, so when Steak and Shake made its first Manhattan appearance, I was pretty sure it would be love at first bite.

Sometimes it almost HURTS to be so right all the time about everything.

This restaurant, purportedly the inspiration for Danny Meyer’s popular Shake Shack chain, specializes in steakburgers, hand spun shakes, and shoestring fries. The Manhattan location is small but very clean – more like a diner than a standard fast food restaurant. There are only a few booths and counter seats, and you may find yourself sharing your two top table with a stranger, so be prepared. Though this is a fast food restaurant, the food is all made to order, so it won’t come as fast as other fast food restaurants with food sitting under heat lamps. Just place your order, snag a seat, and listen for your number to be called.

Single Steakburger with All Condiments

This is the quintessential fast food burger. A thin patty served on a buttery, toasted roll piled high with mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and a whole garden of vegetables. Most burgers come with 2 patties but this is perfect for a substantial snack. Though two patties would change the taste of the burger, this burger would still be about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The thin but juicy patty, the crisp veggies, the piquant mixture of sauces, and that warm griddled bun. The blend of meat is excellent, so it manages to retain some integrity, unlike many other burgers in this category. At just about 300 calories, this burger is practically guilt free.


The way McDonald’s fries used to be, so I hear. Crispy, salty, potatoes and greasy without being soggy. So fantastic they don’t even need any dipping sauce.

Steak Frank

For those of you who like wieners.

That’s what she said.

Steak and Shake is quite cheap, very efficient, and totally tasty. The fact that you can get a small burger there for 300 calories is just great for people on a diet or watching their sodium intake. And its great for anyone who loves a good Midwestern chain.

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  1. I went a couple months ago when in Midtown for a show. I was, of course, hungry even though we just had lunch a couple hours prior, but knew I couldn’t wait until the end of a musical for a bite. I thought it was pretty good for fast food, but not comparable to my love for Shake Shack. Maybe I need to return to give them a second chance.

  2. Martina says:

    Location, Location, Location?
    Being from the Midwest, Steak and Shake is a hihghlight when I go home for a visit!!!!

  3. Steak n Shake is one of the first places we stop at when we visit family in Tampa! Well more like we stop at the drive thru every night we’re there to pick up a shake…mmm vanilla strawberry sidebyside…


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