The Taco Truck on the High Line

Summer in NYC isn’t just about the subway smelling like workout socks and hoards of tourists descending upon Times Square. It’s also about summer Fridays, movies at Bryant Park, and the High Line.

This elevated park in NYC is one of my favorite places. Sure, it’s open year round, but in the summer it really comes to life. That’s when people sit sunbathing on benches, stroll with loved ones, and genuinely enjoy life in the city. Try to see someone enjoying life in the city on a February day after a snow storm.

The High Line is right near Chelsea Market, where there are a bunch of delicious dining options, but now there are a few options smack dab on the High Line. Grab a bite, grab a chair in the sun or under the covered section, and enjoy yourself.

The bite that I tried was from The Taco Truck.

This food cart, featuring Mexican street food, uses organic, sustainable, and homemade ingredients as much as possible. There are freshly made salsas, overstuffed tortas, and crisply fried tortilla chips, but the real reason to come here is for the small, flavorful tacos.

Get a Mexican coke or a homemade agua fresca, pay for your meal, and wait for it to be cooked to order.

Each meal is made to order, so you may need to wait a few minutes for your food. Don’t worry – it won’t be too long. Use the time to find a seat in the shade.

Carnitas Michoacan with Guacamole and Habanero Salsa

Slow braised pork with onions, cilantro, habanero salsa, and guacamole. Usually, carnitas are shredded, like Southern pulled pork sandwiches, but these were in small nuggets. They were not as juicy as I prefer, but the flavor was sweet and rich. The corn tortillas were excellent – thin and pliant, loaded with fiery (but not crazy hot) habanero salsa. This salsa is fine for people who like relatively spicy but not burn-your-face-off-spicy food. The guacamole is a must – fresh, buttery, filled with cilantro and sharp onions. A spritz of lime ties it all together.

The Taco Truck doesn’t make my favorite taco in the city. But it does make a tasty taco, for a good price, in a fantastic atmosphere. Though it isn’t worth a special trip, it does feed a yen for Mexican food if you are on the High Line. And sometimes, that’s all that summer in NYC needs.