Beyond Bread Bart’s Bag Tribute Sandwich

The best sandwich of my life wasn’t in Paris. It wasn’t in New York, and it wasn’t even in the fabulous Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland. It is at a small shop in Tucson, Arizona.

Beyond Bread makes its own bread every day. It churns its own butter and serves it up with samples of the bread, which ranges from classic rosemary to pretzel bread, tomato foccacia, and chipotle cheddar breads. It roasts its own turkey, has the freshest veggies in town, and serves a tomato basil soup so delicious that I once at it for 8 days straight.

This is my ode to that wonderful restaurant. A simple collection of ingredients, based on the Beyond Bread favorite that nourished me through college and inspired me to source the best possible ingredients when making sandwiches.

The most important thing here is the turkey. Please get freshly roasted turkey from hot deli counter, or at least get it sliced to order. The pre-sliced stuff in the package just won’t do it.

The second most important ingredient is the bread. And it’s only the second most important because if you can’t get it from Beyond Bread, well then it just isn’t the best bread in the world.

1. Spread the mayo on one half of the bread and the mustard on the other. Be generous with both, especially the mustard. It adds tang and salt to the sandwich.

2. Add a few slices of the turkey. Not too many – this isn’t a turkey sandwich, it is a sandwich with turkey.

3. Add the brie,

the onions,

and 3 or 4 pickled jalapenos. You don’t want a really hot sandwich, you just want a tingle behind the lips when you bite down.

That’s what she said.

4. Add the lettuce and tomato…

and top with the other half of baguette.

5. Serve.

The brie, once it comes to room temperature, sort of melts into the turkey, creating a creamy, buttery spread. The turkey itself is surprisingly hearty and light at the same time. The vegetables add texture and acidity, and the mayo-mustard combo pulls the whole sandwich together. And the bread. Make sure that you get a really good baguette.

Don’t change a thing about this recipe.

Except maybe…

Double the ingredients to make 2 at a time.


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