CPK – Breakfast in McCarran Airport

Leaving Las Vegas isn’t just another movie showcasing Nicolas Cage’s one expression. It’s also an incredibly depressing way to spend the morning. No more free drinks, no more lavish tasting menus, and no more electrifying thrills when you win $25.  Just the TSA patting you down, people lugging suitcases, and the thrill of a 6 hour flight ahead of you.

The least that you can do is treat yourself to a nice breakfast.

California Pizza Kitchen may not be a four star locavore dining experience, but it is a reliable chain restaurant with a pleasing menu and reasonable (for an airport) prices.

Even in the airport, it manages to be a classy, yet casual establishment with polite and efficient service.

Breakfast Pizza with spicy tomato sauce, sausage, and eggs (hold the cheese)

This is a pizza in name only, but it’s still quite satisfying. The crust is a little thick, without much char, but it at least holds up to the toppings. The sausage is moist and pleasantly soft. The scrambled eggs are rather stiff – some cheese would add a necessary creamy, fatty component to the pizza. The real winner here is the sauce. Thick and redolent of oregano, the sauce is also surprisingly spicy – there is a real kick of red pepper flakes. It elevates the eggs and makes the pizza worthwhile.

Cheese Omelette with fried potatoes

These eggs are vastly superior to those on the pizza. Cooked gently so that the omelette is fluffy, not bouncy, it is topped with melting jack and sharp cheddar cheeses. A dash of Cholula hot sauce is all it needs. The potatoes are even better – thick cut and freshly sautéed so they are supremely crunchy outside, fluffy inside, and well salted.

Though this meal wasn’t world class, it does the trick. Sure it is overpriced and rather ordinary, but the food is hot, tasty, and served quickly.

It wasn’t winning a jackpot at a machine, but I’ll take what I can get on the day that I leave Vegas.