Havana Restaurant, Palm Beach

Remember when I said that you could have a nice Palm Beach lunch at Havana?

You didn’t think I was just going to leave it at that, did you?

This 24 hour spot in West Palm beach defines laid back. It is so casual that you can feel comfortable dining in your bathing suit and a cover up, or even just get a to-go order at the 24 hour walk up window.

The line may be long but it moves fast. Chat with locals in line, survey the beautiful fried offerings, and get your cash ready.

Ground Beef Empanada

The weakest of the food we tried. The shell was crisp and bubbly, but the filling was overly bitter, almost tasting of char, or acrid smoke. It overtook the tender texture of the beef and was way too overpowering.

Papa Relleno

Always my favorite Cuban dish. Buttery mashed potatoes wrapped around spicy, garlicky ground beef. The whole thing is fried so it is crisp outside, then soft before you reach the meaty center. It is delicious, inexpensive, and utterly satisfying after a morning spent at the beach.

Cuban Sandwich

I am sure that there are better Cuban sandwiches than this, but this fits the bill. Soft, fresh bread layered with fresh turkey, sweet ham, Swiss cheese, and the salty tang of pickles. Pressed so the cheese melts into the meant but not too toasted, so the bread stays supple and squish, redolent with spicy mustard. This is not a gourmet or unbelievable sandwich, but something about it is so comforting. It is the type of sandwich your mom might have made you, if she was a sassy Cuban mamacita.

All this food was around $8. So cheap! So tasty! So casual and open 24 hours.

And NOW you have the full scoop on Havana

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  1. Oh man I have been craving a Cuban sandwich for two weeks.