The Brazilian Court – Palm Beach’s Hidden Oasis

I have stayed in sleek boutique hotels, I have stayed at seaside resorts, and I have stayed at every kind of hotel in between. I have never, however, been lucky enough to stay at my wealthy friend’s home.

Well, until now.

That is how it feels when one stays at The Brazilian Court. This Palm Beach hotel is not so much a resort as it is an oasis. The hotel literally comes out of nowhere –  it is so hidden that the first time I drove up, I missed the entrance. It is in a residential neighborhood that is smack dab between 2 beautiful Moorish homes. It is literally a 4 minute stroll to Worth Avenue, lined with upscale shops and restaurants, and the public beach is only 2 blocks away.

The moment that you enter the hotel, you enter an sanctuary of calm and peace. It is as if the outside world has melted away and you are transported to the 1940s, when stars like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy would come to Palm Beach for the winter. The hotel is build around 2 sunny courtyards, filled with comfortable white loungers and bubbling fountains.

In the evening, classic jazz music is gently piped through hidden stereos to the courtyards, enhancing the romantic, retro feel of the hotel.

The rooms are done in several themes, but each has the feel of being individually decorated. This is not the modern, minimalistic look that so often makes rooms feel institutional. The feel in each hotel room is dark and sumptuous, filled with saturated jewel tones, deeply colored wood, and deluxe linens. Free wi-fi and a plethora of cable channels are included in each room. Even the smallest room is expertly designed to feel spacious and luxurious,

and the bathrooms come with deep soaking tubs with spa jets and a separate glassed-in shower.

Of course, if you wanted to really make a splash, you could stay in one of the hotel’s signature suites, which feature up to 2 bedrooms,

a  kitchenette,

and a large sitting room.

Some of these suites have direct access to the elegant pool, where hotel guests enjoy loungers and a full pool menu, including entrees, snacks, and cocktails.

You could also choose to dine at Cafe Boulud, the hotel’s restaurant. The breakfasts, lunches, and dinners here are all equally delicious and served with efficiency. The dining room is sunny and casual, a welcome rest from the uptight atmosphere of many Palm Beach eateries.

The homemade sausage with pork, cheddar, and apples is not to be missed.


Though you could easily spend your afternoons at the pool , you would be remiss to miss the beach club. A hotel luxury car drives you to the beach club at the beautiful Omphoy Hotel and picks you up. When there, rent a lounger and an umbrella, and relax on the stretch of beautiful private beach. The servers are quick with a cocktail menu, and the combination of crystal clear waters, delicious drinks, and hours of relaxation is not to be missed. Don’t worry if you are hungry on the drive back – ask your driver to stop at the window at Havana for a beefy, spicy Papa Relleno.

Once back at the hotel, you may wish to take advantage of the nightly happy hour, offering wine and appetizer specials until 7 pm. Or, you could want to go to your room to prepare for a night out on Worth Avenue. You could even choose to just sit in the courtyard and order some food – the room service fare is as delicious as that in the dining room.

The club sandwich walks the line between comfort food and haute fare, pairing fresh roasted turkey with creamy avocado, sweet tomatoes, and soft multigrain bread. A side of homemade potato chips completes the indulgent meal, available till 11:30 at night.

The service is some of the best I have had in recent memory. Everyone knows your name, yet does not bother you. The staff senses if you need some help or if you want to be left alone. Staff members are quick to offer water bottles when you leave the hotel, and appear from nowhere to open doors for you.  Like a good friend, the staff seems to be able to sense your mood and what you need. Everyone we encountered was  quick to call our car but slow to interrupt us while we were dining. This anticipation of the guests needs is what sets this hotel apart.

Don’t come here if you want a  gigantic full service resort or a business centered hotel that is fast paced. Come here if you want to truly escape.

To unplug, to relax, to sit for hours in a sun drenched courtyard or lounge on a gorgeous private beach. Come if you want to be chauffeured rather than drive, if you want to lay for hours in your lovely room, if you want to truly lose yourself in another time and place.

The Brazilian Court is more than a hotel, it is a friend. A great one.

*Disclaimer: I received a press rate to stay at The Brazilian Court. My opinions are my own and unbiased.*


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