My 4 Favorite Cheeses

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I would rather give up chocolate than give up cheese, because that is just ridiculous.

I would rather give up cable than give up cheese.

I would rather shave my head than give up cheese.

I would certainly rather give up running water than give up cheese.

Frankly, I love me some cheese. For a more thorough primer, check out this article, but for some of my favorites:


Pecorino Romano

Anything parm can do, pec can do better. This cheese is salty, sharp, and has those delightful calcium crystals that crunch to release a burst of umami flavor upon your tongue. This sheep’s milk cheese is also a little funkier than its more common cousin, and a little goes a long way. I like to use it in place of salt in Italian dishes like soup, pasta sauce, and even to season steak. It is also delicious cut into chunks and served with candied nuts, pears, and balsamic glaze for dessert.



This delightfully allium-flavored cheese is a reminder that onions make anything better. A rather sharp cheddar with a creamy, Muenster like texture is infused with slim rounds of chives. The effect is bright on sharp, a cheese for people who like in your face flavors.  This cheese does not melt well, as the chives react badly and give off a sulfurous smell when warmed. Best in cold dishes, this is an idea sandwich cheese. It pairs well with tangy Dijon mustard, maple turnkey, and a proper baguette. It is also strong enough to stand on its own on a cheese plate, the only necessary accompaniment being crackers.


Gorgonzola Dolce

Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you. The docile, gentle sister of the outwardly funky gorgonzola, the best gorgonzola dolce is sold by weight and must be eaten by the spoonful, because it simply won’t retain its shape. Even the stuff that is not quite the best is a far cry from your standard blue cheese – creamy in texture and powerful without being offensive in taste, this stuff is like blue cheese light. It is wonderful when slathered with honey and eaten atop ciabatta, but is equally delicious dolloped over a baked potato, allowing the warmth of the spud to gently melt and disperse the umami-licious cheese. Here, a little goes a long way, and it is best served at room temperature or warm.


Brillat Savarin

The high priestess of triple-creme cheeses. The belle of the ball. The cheese that is so rich and fatty that it refuses to hold any shape, even when refrigerated. heh cheese that is so pure that it tastes only of cream and true love. The cheese that makes brie look like Kraft singles. The cheese that is mind-blowing. The cheese that needs no accompaniment whatsoever – just your fingers (though a drizzle of truffle honey or a plump, sticky date never hurt anyone). The cheese that,no matter the price, must be purchased when it can be found (which is rare). The cheese about which love stories have been written.

Too far?


But I would rather go too far than give up cheese.


  1. You know I love me some cheese. I am practically a little mouse. Great post here and on Whisked!

  2. I knew you were a cheese girl, I just knew it! GREG

  3. Not too far =) I’m so freaking with you. Though I’m still waxing poetic about habanero laced cheeses i’ll back you 100% on the pec rom! oh. my. gawd.


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