Schmackary’s – The Finest Cookies in Hell’s Kitchen

There’s a new sherif in town and he doesn’t brandish any weapons or uphold any laws.

He is a cute little boy eating a cookie.

This Norman Rockwell-esque fella is the spokesman for Schmackary’s, makers of some of the best cookies in the city, let alone Hell’s Kitchen.

Schmackary’s is a full-fledged bakery with bars, muffins, coffee, and the like, but what you come here for are the cookies. If you buy them a day old, they are very cheap, but it’s worth it to shell out the extra $2 for the fresh ones. The shop is very sweet and nostalgic, with a cold case full of artisanal sodas and a counter with cookies displayed.

Classic Chocolate Chip

Soft. Melting semisweet chips against a sweet, brow-sugar based cookie. A thin layer of crispness to contrast with the fine crumbed, pleasantly gooey middle. A bit too sweet for my taste, but my sister was a fan.

Carrot Cake Cookie

The perfect carrot cake in cookie form. Moist. Sweet and spicy with cinnamon. Filled with juicy raisins and topped with creamy, tangy, sweet cream cheese icing. My second favorite cookie in the city (ain’t no one topping Levain).

Double Chocolate Cookie

Dark, rich chocolate with Oreos crunched throughout the batter. A sweet, marshmallow-buttercream frosting on top. Like a gigantic Oreo with a more fudgy cookie. The most decadent of the trio, and a chocoholic’s dream.

Just a stone’s throw from the Theater District and offering gluten free options, Schmackary’s is a winner all around.

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