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When I see a bunch of business people in suits walking into a Japanese restaurant, I know it must be expensive. When I see a bunch of Japanese businesspeople in suits speaking japanese, playing with phones that look like they are from a future century, and chatting with the server like they dine all the time at said restaurant, I know it must be really tasty, too.

My sister took me here, and though she and I often have different tastes in where to dine, I could see that she picked a winner here from the moment I walked into the large, sleek restaurant. The vibe is elegant and hushed – it struck the perfect balance between business casual and serious foodie destination. From the second we were brought warm towels to wipe away the grime of the city, I knew that this was an ideal sister date.

Corn Tempura

I would have walked right past it if good ole sissy hadn’t pointed this out. Buttery kernels of corn were encased in a light, crunchy tempura batter, The soft sweetness of the corn contrasted beautifully with that crunchy tempura coating. The dipping sauce, enlivened by fresh ginger and turnip, was salty and savory next to the positively sugary corn. A few leaves of minty perilla were thrown in there, fresh and herbal in the crisp coating. There were not soggy or blackened pieces here – just simple ingredients prepared to showcase the corn.

Fried Duck Roll with Duck, Shiitake Mushroom and Ginkgo Nuts

A very crispy, somewhat thick wrapper around juicy, earthy duck meat, mushrooms, and the sweet crunch of ginkgo nuts. The tangy hoisin and spicy mustard accents the duck, and it arrives piping hot, which brings the aromatic ginger of the roll to the forefront. This is hearty, but served in such a small portion that it is a perfect appetizer for lunch. Highly recommended.

Spicy Tuna and Yellowtail Scallion Rolls

What can be said about excellent sushi? That the fish is pristine, luscious and fatty when called for, lean and clean when it is appropriate? That the rice is room temperature and sticky/sweet,  contrasting with the crisp, nutty nori? That the wasabi is freshly grated, delivering a spicy and citrusy punch? That the soy is thick and almost sticky, complex and umami with the clean, simple fish?  It is all that, without a question.

It is a bit more than that though. Good sushi is about a serene atmosphere. It is about gracious service and beautiful surroundings. It is about losing yourself in the art of sushi and truly having a sensory experience.

This is not cheap but it is incredibly taste, and fairly priced.

A great date with a sister or with anyone else who knows good sushi.

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  1. Oooh! I am seriously looking for a new sushi “experience” and this looks perfect! Do they have a sushi bar where one could causally stop in for a roll or two and a drink?