Wood Planked BBQ Salmon

As summer draws to a close, so does salmon season, and thus my participation in the Fresh Catch Crew. For my last post about wonderful, wild Copper River Salmon, this time Coho salmon, I chose a recipe that is simple and incredibly precise. This isn’t one where you can substitute ingredients or techniques. This isn’t a “play along as you will” recipe. The ingredients must be followed to the letter. But follow these instructions and you will be rewarded with what may be my favorite salmon dish to date.

Wood Planked BBQ Salmon


1 lb. Coho Salmon Fillet.

*Coho salmon is some of the mildest, fattiest salmon there is. It has an extremely lush texture and because of its fat content, it is very forgiving if it is cooked a bit too long. This is the salmon to start people on who are scared of eating fish.*

Wood Plank, soaked overnight.

*This is where the salmon gets its earthy, smoky flavor. The plank lends the fish a very deep, woodsy flavor that is almost akin to being grilled or smoked outside. It is also useful for chicken or beef, and comes in varieties like ceder or alder. Each wood lends a slightly different taste to the fish as it cooks.  Be sure to soak it overnight before using it in the oven.*

Island Delight Hawaaiian BBQ Sauce

*The perfect BBQ sauce for salmon. Sweet enough to counteract the salmon’s natural salinity, savory enough to work with the cedar plank, and tangy enough to add brightness to the fish. This is not too salty or smoky and is the only bbq sauce that I have found that compliments the fish versus overpowering it. Buy it here if you have to. It is just that spectacular. And they have not paid me to say this…this is just the way that it is.*

1. Preheat your oven to 350F and put the plank on a tinfoiled baking sheet in the oven as it preheats. As the plank warms up, an intoxicating woodsy scent should fill the kitchen. Take it out after the oven has totally preheated.

2. Place the salmon skin side down on the warm cedar plank and pour the sauce over the flesh.

Really slather the sauce on there. Get it all over the fish.

3. Bake for 20 minutes or until the thickest part of the salmon is almost completely opaque.

4. Serve.

This is so easy to enjoy, even kids will clamour for it. It isn’t subtle or gourmet, but it is undeniably tasty. Moist, tender salmon cloaked in a sweet and tangy bbq sauce that caramelizes at the edges and makes a sticky sauce on the top. finally, a soft but definite layer of smoke anchors the salmon, erasing any trace of fishiness, rendering it perfect for a side of sweet potatoes, green beans, or corn on the cob.

Salmon season is almost over, so don’t miss your last chance for a year to enjoy this wonderful dish!

And don’t even THINK about messing with the ingredients…I will know…

Disclaimer: I was given the coho salmon as a sample. I am not being monetarily compensated for my opinions or recipes.