Monte Cristo Casserole

If you have never been to Blue Bayou, I am about to rock your world.

If you have been there, I’m just about to make you rather proud.

 Blue Bayou is a restaurant in Disneyland that is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You sit under a black, starlit night in a quaint cafe overlooking the bayou and its boats of cheerful passengers riding by, unaware of the massive drop the ride is about to take. You dine on sugary alcohol-free drinks, overpriced rolls, and make a hat out of the paper kids menus.

You also eat Monte Cristos.

If you have never had a Monte Cristo, you don’t know what you are missing. These sandwiches, battered and deep fried ham and cheese sandwiches, are served with powdered sugar and jam, making for the ultimate sweet and savory combination. The only bad thing about this is how arduous it is to make, splattering oil everywhere and the needing to be served right away, before it gets leaden and soggy.

Enter, Monte Cristo casserole.

The downside is that it lacks the über crispy exterior. The upside is everything else.

Bake it ahead of time and serve it the next day. Assemble and serve it all in an hour. Serve it with jam, sour cream, mustard, or any combination of the above. By all means, serve it for a group of people or make just enough for yourself.

Toldja I was gonna rock your world.

Monte Cristo Casserole


1 loaf italian or french bread, sliced (a day stale is better, but fresh is okay)

12 slices cheese (jack or swiss is best)

1 package or 12 slices black forest ham

6 eggs

1.5 cups half and half or milk

3 tbsp. black pepper

1 tbsp. salt

jam to serve

1. Mix the eggs and half-and half in a bowl.

2. Add the salt and pepper, and whisk until thoroughly combined.

3. In a large casserole pan, line up half of your bread, like so. Preheat the oven to 350F.

4. Top with the ham…

and the cheese…

and repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have 2 layers of bread, meat, and cheese.

5. Top with the egg and milk mixture and push down with the pads of your fingers to make sure that the liquid has reached the bottom layers of bread.

6. Bake for 45-60 minutes, or until the top is bubbly and the bread is tender but not mushy.

7. Serve with jam.

The only way that you won’t like this is if you don’t eat it. It’s impossible to eat it and not love it. The layers of custardy bread, moist and eggy. The tangy, melty cheese. Salty ham. Topped by some sweet jam…it’s and ideal meal for breakfast or (with a small side salad) for dinner.  like dipping bacon in maple syrup. Or eating a chocolate covered pretzel. Or…

Like eating at Blue Bayou. Don’t worry, next time I promise to serve it with  a pirate hat shaped menu.


  1. So I read your blog everyday. I love it. When I read your post today about the Blue Bayou and the Monte Cristo it floored me. I had the exact same memory and love of the restaurant from childhood. What a funny thing food can do… I will never forget that experience! Thanks for making me smile 🙂

    • Oh I’m so thrilled to hear that!! I love reading your blog too, and I think it’s so fun that we have the same great memories of Disneyland – connected, of course, by food!


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