Post Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

I know, I know…you already have your Thanksgiving menu set. But…what about the day after thanksgiving? And the day after that? You need to use up the turkey, but how many sandwiches can you eat? You want other foods but you feel bad spending the money. You need some help, some direction…and that’s where I come in.

Don’t even say it…you’re so very welcome.

To use up the Turkey – Mole

This dish is often made with turkey instead of chicken, so using the turkey meat here is a no brainer. It takes awhile to prepare, but the taste is like nothing you have eaten for the last 2 days – spicy, smoky, zesty, and garlicky. It is tasty over rice, but would also be fantastic with leftover mashed potatoes or made into a saucy sandwich with leftover rolls.

To use up the veggies – Frittata

Look, this is an easy one. Whenever you have vegetables that are about to go bad, use them in a fritatta. Putting something with eggs and cheese is guaranteed to make it taste better. When the leftover veggies are delicious things like roasted Brussels sprouts, maple carrots, and saucy green beans, the frittatas are even more delicious. Don’t forget to toss some extra stuffing in there, especially if there is sausage in the mix.

To use up the stuffing – Monte Cristo Casserole

One of the best things about leftover stuffing is eating it in sandwich. To make this even better, make sure your stuffing is extra dense, moist, and fatty so it solidifies in the fridge and slices easily. The day or 2 after thanksgiving, slice it like bread and use it as bread in this monte cristo casserole. Just be aware that you won’t need as much milk mixture as the recipe calls for – cut it in half. Ham and cheese over hunks of cornbread mixed with onions, celery, and bits of browned sausage makes for a hell of a breakfast casserole. Afterwards, a nap is non-negotiable.

To take a break – Jazzed up Miso Soup

Keep some packets of miso soup and kimchi in the house so you can have something light, spicy, and palate-invigorating after all of the heavy, butter-forward food of the week. Your tastebuds will thank you.

When all else fails – Burgers

Because…dude…why not?

Happy Thanksgiving, and see you all next week!


  1. Hah! This is great because I’m coming up with my own leftovers recipes too.