Sundaes and Cones – Far Out Ice Cream

Here’s a little secret – I am a pretty sub-standard food blogger.

That IS a shock to you, whether you like it or not!

I say this because I don’t always blog where I eat. Sometimes I go out simply to enjoy myself, with no plans to photograph or specifically remember any of the goodies I consume. That really lets me live in the moment without wondering if I captured the burger’s juiciness in photos or if it is cinnamon or ginger that I taste in a cocktail.

However…occasionally something I eat is so extraordinary that it stops me in my tracks and I start taking pictures mid bite, because I simply know that I have to share it with my readers (all 12 of you).

That happened to me this weekend at Sundaes and Cones.

This east village ice cream shop is small but well designed, with a few small tables and a large floor area to gawk at the ice cream flavors. On this cold night it was easy to grab some of the few seats, but on a summer weekend, I could imagine that it would be a take-out or nothing situation. This would be a very cute spot for a first date or a solo indulgence.

Now a word on the ice cream…you can get butter pecan or chocolate ice cream here. But why would you? Why when you can get flavors the likes of which you have likely never tried. Let’s go in order from most conventional to least:

Pistachio Almond

 This is undoubtedly the most nut forward ice cream I have ever had. The flavor is so concentrated that it is more like gelato than ice cream. It has that pure,  totally sharp flavor that usually only gelato has, but with the light, clean taste of the cream in the background. This is almost savory, but then has a touch of sugar that balances it into an ice cream. This is actually TOO nutty and rich for me, but the person who ordered it was a huge fan. Topping it with some of the shop’s freshly whipped cream might be a way to break up the almost aggressive nuttiness.


If you have had poi and hated it, welcome to the club. To me, it tastes like mud flavored glue. Thus, I had no desire to try this taro ice cream. Them someone ordered it, and I figured “what the hell? One bite won’t kill me.” And indeed it didn’t. In fact, it downright bowled me over. This purple hued ice cream, dense and clinging to the plastic spoon in purple streaks, tastes for all the world like a frozen brick of halvah! It is peanut buttery, Butterfinger-y, sesame-sugar tinged…nothing at ALL like poi! This is fantastic for anyone who loves peanut butter. And, by the way, anyone who doesn’t love peanut butter, needs a visit to the head doctor. This is highly recommended.


Sweet and fresh as cream with the simple, earthy taste of corn in there. It at first tastes like vanilla ice cream but then the taste of corn reverberates in the mouth, filing the entire palate and even nostrils with the buttery taste of popcorn. There are even kernels in there, miraculously soft and even juicy in the frozen cream. This is fantastic on its own and could be improved by only some of that aforementioned homemade whipped cream.

Now you see why I had to take pictures mid bite. You see why I needed to tell you about it. It’s enough to get me down to the east village on a freezing night and it’s enough to get me to try taro.

It deserves a blog post.


  1. I love their egg nog and pumpkin flavors!