Fritos and Foie Gras Foodie Gift Guide

My good friend, the grand dame of NYC food blogging Feisty Foodie, put out a gift guide earlier this week. Well, I’ll be damned if I let another Hanukkah go by without doing my own foodie approved gift guide. So, here are gifts that I have gotten or would love to get that you should consider getting the foodie in your life

For the Klutz – Global Knives

Here is the thing – the sharper the knife, the less chance you have of hurting yourself. I know that seems counter intuitive, but have you ever tried to cut a piece of paper with those plastic toddler scissors? That is a great way to stab yourself in the wrist. Same with knives – the duller they are, the more chance there is of you sawing back and forth and really cutting yourself. These knives were given to me as gifts, and though they are not cheap, they are the most used items in my kitchen. They cut through tomatoes, beef, and turnips with equal precision. One or 2 clean motions and I have a smooth, clean cut. They won’t easily dull and if they do, you can easily have them sharpened. Get these and say goodbye to kitchen bandages.

For the wannabe alcoholic – ChocolatRouge Wine

Do you like Yoo Hoo? Of course you do – if you didn’t, you would be an android. If you are, indeed, a human, this chocolatey wine drink may be the best things that has passed your lips since, oh, EVER. Sweet, creamy, and rich, this is not at all bitter or tannin-y. Rather, it has a slight tang at the end that cuts through the cream without taking away from the sweet drink. It is so indulgent and just alcoholic enough to give you a little buzz after a couple of glasses. This is so great for the holidays, and, as a bonus, is very reasonable. I tried this at a press event and have been steadily going buying bottles ever since.

For the latke maker in your life – Faberware food processor

Though I didn’t pay for mine, I would in a heartbeat. This 12 cup processor is LEAGUES past what your mom used to make latkes with. It comes with different blades in protective plastic covers, has rubber feet on the bottom so it doesn’t move while you are shredding potatoes, and holds 12 cups of food, so you don’t have to use 7 million batches. The wide feed into the machine makes work go faster than ever and the machine is incredibly easy to use and lock. This made my Hanukkah preparations about a GAZILLION times easier and better in general – shaprer blades, better capacity, and superior design in general. Huge fan of this, and at under $75, it’s an unbelievable value for the money.

For the lazy blogger – Photojojo macro lens

How tired are you of seeing sub par cell phone photos of food on the blog? And how tired am I of schlepping around my humongous dSLR, when I am not even allowed to use the flash at half of the events I attend? This is the ideal compromise – photoJOJO has a macro lens that attaches to your cell phone. I mean the macro lens ATTACHES right to your CELL PHONE. There really couldn’t be anything more fantastic than this. Imagine whipping out your camera and getting food porn-worthy shots of rare steaks, crisp spring rolls, and fudgy chocolate cake. Though I don’t know if it works, it’s an incredibly cool idea, and I would love to try one of these puppies out.  An awesome idea for any foodie-cum-social-media maven.

For yourself – Gigantic Jar of Nutella

At various specialty food stores and online, you can by giant  jars of Nutella. If you don’t know why I would want this, just stop reading now. We don’t understand each other.

For the person you want to impress – gift certificate to Tocqueville

My favorite restaurant in the city. I just love how old fashioned it is, how elegant, how luxurious, and how seasonal it is. The restaurant is just a stunner, and for the price it is ia tremendous value, especially at the lunchtime prix-fixe. Don’t think this is a cheap gift, but it is one that will impress and that will be remembered for years to come.

Disclaimer – some of these products, as described, were press samples. I was not required to write about them, and my opinions are my own.


  1. Tracie gave me the 10-inch Global for Christmas 5 years ago. Without exaggeration it is the most indispensable item in my kitchen. (On my second night in town here, she asked about you and I said “Oh, you mean New Tracie?”… it brought tears to her eyes. I guess that was a dickhead joke on my part…