West Egg is a Good Egg in Atlanta

There are so many things about West Egg that are absolutely right, I think that we should just do this in list form:

1. Any breakfast place named after The Great Gatsby is automatically cool, regardless of the food that it serves. So I was predisposed to like this spot.

2. The line outside meant that there was a half hour wait. The coffee that I could get in the meantime and the enthusiastic looks on the faces of people who were finished eating meant that I waited on it.

3. Industrial casual cool. Spacious and comfortable, with a great, welcoming server who was quick on coffee refills.

Fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese and bacon

4. Why don’t I eat pimento cheese every day? I mean why on earth not? This pimento cheese is the best I have had. Creamy and sharp and salty and studded with velvety pimentos. It melts just slightly on the sour, juicy fried green tomatoes,  its creaminess cool against the hot tomatoes’ acidic tang. The bacon is thick cut and smoky, and the swath of ranch dressing on the bottom provide a mild, cooling aspect to the dish. I cold eat this thrice a day, every day, for about 5 months.

As my charming dining companion said “These are as good as jalapeno poppers without the embarrassment of actually being a jalapeno popper.”

Well said.

5. My friend’s salmon cakes Benedict looked delicious and he said it was fantastic.

This is the friend who came up with the jalapeno popper line, so you can imagine how discerning and elegant his tastes are.

Huevos Tejanos – eggs scrambled with jalapeño, onion, tomato, chipotle salsa, and sour cream, with roasted garlic grits

6. Almost as good as the huevos rancheros at Cookshop, and that’s saying a lot. The salsa is even better than that at Cookshop – smoky, spicy, full of deeply roasted tomato flavor and plenty of spicy garlic. Speaking of spicy, they really load up the jalapenos here, seeds and all. I didn’t even  need any hot sauce for my eggs, and that NEVER happens. Juicy tomatoes  finely diced onions,and a dollop of smooth sour cream rounds out this excellent egg dish. The grits along side are a superstar – creamy and thick without being gloppy. Filled with sweet roasted garlic flavor and enough black pepper to stand up to the spice and heat of the eggs.

 7. West Egg has delicious food, excellent service, and fair prices. It also serves brunch till 10 pm on Sundays  Need any more reasons to come here?

Oh yeah..it is also named after The Great Gatsby. That should do it.


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