Corner Bistro Comes to Long Island City

Let’s say you saw this picture:

You would, of course, think I was in the west village, waiting for a burger at the storied Corner Bistro. This small, rundown bar only takes cash, serves on paper plates, and produces some of the finest burgers in the city. Come here for a beer and a burger, not for any fancy atmosphere. Also, come here prepared to wait. There is always a line out the door and around the block, and though the burgers are fantastic, the wait can often top an hour. Not necessarily what you want when it’s 11:30 pm, you have been drinking since 5 pm, and you just want to sit and chow down.

Back to the original question, by the way? You would be wrong. I was at the new Corner Bistro, in Long Island city.

The new restaurant is similar to the original, but not exactly the same. The place has the same, relaxed, pub feel but is much more of an actual restaurant, with booths, real plates and silverware, and an expanded menu. That means brunch, a credit card machine, and the knowledge that you can come get a burger without waiting until your next birthday. But do the burgers measure up to the original?


Oh yeah. And then some. The burger here is just as huge, as juicy, and as backyard-grill good. After all, this branch uses the same grill that they do in the West Village – they just use one that is twice as large so the burgers come out fast and furious. This is similar to the burger at Burger Joint, but bigger. It’s the kind of burger that you dream in the winter, the one that reminds you of summer cook outs. Order it blanketed in velvety American cheese, and enjoy it with the requisite onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles.

Oh, and get it medium rare. This place understands how to cook burger to order. This is a big burger – you might feel sick if you eat the whole thing.

Which, of course, I did. Totally don’t regret it.


From the expanded menu. These are awesome – no other way to put it. Big, meaty drumsticks and wings that are so juicy and substantial that they really serve as a meal. They are crispy on the outside, dunked in a thick, smokey sauce that is sweet and spicy without being too fiery or too cloying. This is just a really good wing – I could easily have eaten the platter of these, if I hadn’t already eaten an entire bovine sandwich (that monster of a burger). Oh, and the blue cheese is rockin, too.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sure, you can get the standard crispy shoestring fries here, but why not go for the sweeter side of things? Though I am not often a fan of sweet potato fries, these are quite good – crispy, well seasoned, and fluffy instead of mushy on the inside. These are fresh-cut and it tastes that way – they lack the dull, almost musty taste of frozen sweet potato fries. If you like sweet potato fries, these might be your new gold standard.

Corner Bistro, LIC branch, itself is pretty gold standard. The service is excellent, the prices are just as cheap as the Manhattan ones, and the food is phenomenal. I can’t think of a better place to relax and watch a sports game with a beer and a burger.

Who am I kidding…I wish they would play Bravo on  one of the flat screens while I had a diet Coke with my burger.

But as long as I can avoid waiting in line…it’s still worth the trip!

*Disclaimer: My meal was paid for by the restaurant. I was not required to write a review and my opinions are my own and, I feel, unbiased.*

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