Rules to Eat Well in 2013

I’m not calling these resolutions. The word “resolution” makes me think of closets that still aren’t organized, languages that still aren’t learned, and muscles that will in no way ever be there.

I’m calling these rules because they are not optional to follow. They WILL be obeyed. 

It’s the USSR of resolutions. 

I am going to eat well in 2013, and here is how I’m gonna do it:


Choose other Asian cuisines

I have eaten at Thai, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants all my life, and they are just swell. But I live in one of the great restaurant cities of the world…why am I STILL choosing the familiar types of restaurants? How about choosing a Cambodian, Malaysian, or Vietnamese restaurant every now and then? I have an inkling I would love them, but I’m just used to what I know and really must force myself out of my comfort zone. If you are like me and have the ability to experience other, lesser known Asian cuisines in your town, join me on this one! I have feeling it’s gonna be very tasty.


Use a cookbook

Sometimes, recipes are written for a reason ..because they are literally perfect as is. No improvisation or adaptation required. After all, that’s how I feel when I write a recipe, so why wouldn’t any other recipe writer feel that way? I pride myself on not having to use a cookbook, but by never using one, I occasionally shoot myself in the foot. I certainly have a plethora of awesome cookbooks, and am going to use a few of them  this year to up my classical cooking game.


Shop more at greenmarkets

This is a really important one. I spend the money on organic and local items, now I should spend the time on knowing who my money profits. Some people with a lot of backing and publicity enough to get in to Whole Foods? Nothing is wrong with that, but I want to support local farmers and artisans. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is and go to a greenmarket at LEAST once a week to stock up on produce, proteins, and baked goods.


Be more militant about restaurant choices

People don’t care when I choose the restaurant. They love it. I’m going to be more forceful with my choices and stop making it so democratic when I go out to eat.

Remember, it’s not a democracy now. It’s the USSR.

Bring back the season of yeast

I know. I know…I’m embarrassed. It’s coming back…next week…I hope?

Here is to a year of stringent rules and awesome eating!


  1. This is great. I have felt that we have been in a rut lately eating not the best, in fact middle school choices at times. I had pizza and fries for dinner at work the other night. Resolutions usually suck, sometime you have to force yourself to make the right choice, instead of just saying you plan on making it. Looking forward to this coming year too!

  2. As a vietnamese person, I am shocked you haven’t discovered vietnamese cuisine yet. Vietnamese cuisine can be very healthy, as it relies heavily on fresh herbs and vegetables. It would definitely allow you to eat more healthy!

    • You know, I have eaten some Vietnamese food, but not NEARLY enough or often enough! Besides pho and banh mi, what are some of your favorite Vietnamese dishes? I especially love beef and anything really spicy!