Secret Pizza in Las Vegas

Remember that time that I ate that incredible meal at e? Remember how it was so many courses, so many flavors, an experience like none other?

Well, there is a dirty little secret about that…I left a little peckish.

I couldn’t help it…I really needed a little something else to finish off a meal that consisted of about 1800 tiny bites.

Luckily, in the Cosmopolitan, there is a secret pizza joint. An unmarked  place down the hall from the Marquee nightclub, where, if you go down the narrow passageway, you are transported to a 1980s pizza joint, complete with an arcade game and a whole row of freshly made pies.

Order a slice from the ready-made pies or have one made specially for you (you might have to wait for a few minutes for one of those).

The pizza here is really tasty! Not as good as a New York slice, but VASTLY superior to most slices on the west coast. A thin, tender crust with an oregano heavy sauce and enough cheese to provide a creamy, stretchy quality without making the crust overly floppy. It is just greasy enough, just salty enough, and just filling enough to make the perfect midnight snack.

Upskirt shot, showing nice char.

This place is a quick service restaurant, so be prepared to eat it standing at the counter or take it back to your room in the standard paper box.

The pizza is cheap, it’s fast (don’t worry if there is a line, it really moves), and it’s just what you want after a tasting menu.

I ate a snack after a 3 hour tasting menu. I officially have no shame.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, after eating the tasting menu at a 3 Michelin star restaurant whose identity I shall never reveal, there may or may not have been nuggets involved.

  2. Yeah the Cosompoitan pizzeria is one of the better places in Vegas. I wouldn’t agree with your cheap assessment. Yes cheap compared to a tasting menu but not for pizza. We actually have a growing amount of decent pizza here in Vegas. It used to be that there wasn’t much to choose from but now we have the Cosmo and also Those Guys Pies, Dom DeMarco’s (of DiFara lineage in Brooklyn, NY), Upper Crust, and Rocco’s to name a few. It seems like every month there is a new spot opening and Vegas is fast becoming a “destination” for pizza, at least on the west coast.

    • thanks for this comment – very cool blog! look forward to reading it because I am headed there again soon and ALWAYS love good pie. You are right that there is cheaper stuff and I would love to check out if the quality is just as good as the stuff at the Cosmo. Thanks so much, again!