New and Notable (to Fritos and Foie Gras)

And now for another edition of “Stuff I’m Eating that Deserves Mention”

Slider from White Manna

My love for burgers knows no bounds. I love fancy ones. I love cheap ones. And I especially love mini ones known as sliders – tiny burgers, steamed on a griddle with onions and served under melted American cheese and a squishy bun. Though White Castle made the slider famous, White Manna made it happen. This diminutive greasy spoon in Hackensack has been around for decades and still serves burgers by the bagful. They are – no exaggeration – the greatest sliders on the planet. Fatty but not overly greay, flavorful but not just with salt, with just a smidge of cheese to balance out the soft, juicy patty. The onions are plentiful and sweet and the crowning touch here are the tangy pickles – they add a necessary fresh note to the otherwise meat-n-bread slider. There isn’t too much I can say about this slider other than that the fact that 3 of them are the IDEAL drunk food. I mean, I was craving one after I had this…

Cranberry Spritz at The Smith

Are you one of those people who gets drunk off a glass of wine? Who can’t handle more than half of a martini? Who is no longer allowed to go to any regional Ruby Tuesdays because you once got belligerent after a particularly potent pina colada?

Don’t tell me it’s just me.

If you, too, are a lightweight, then you will love the “low alcohol” line of drinks at The Smith. Designed to drink before the theatre, they are enough to loosen you up after a long day, but not enough to make you feel tired or get you totally knackered. This spritz is refreshing and tart, with a slight sweetness form the ruby port and an herbal note of rosemary. It is fizzy, light, and just enough to get your night started without the danger of making it end too soon. By being kicked out of Ruby Tuesdays.

Like I said, don’t say it’s just me.

Free Ice Cream at Stew Leonard’s

Cross Disneyland with Whole Foods with Costco. That’s what you get at Stew Leonard’s, a Westchester area supermarket that has its own dairy farm, costumed characters, and local produce on premises. It’s huge, it’s rife with unique, locally produced goods, and it’s sample central. Load up on tastes of lobster bisque made that day, egg salad from chickens that laid the eggs that morning, and BBQ beef sandwiches that say – and I quote “you’d have to own a cow to get fresher beef.” Perhaps the best part of this little shopping trip is the realization that when one spends at least $100, there is a free ice cream at the end of the road. The soft serve is so creamy, so soft, so milky fresh and clean tasting that it puts most other ice creams to shame. The cotton candy is delightfully sugary and a small bowl will put you into diabetic shock, but it’s worth it.

 Just make sure you get a slider on the way home to balance out all of that sugar. 

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