Three “Don’t Miss” Vegas Dishes

I’m back from the motherland.

No, not Israel.

Not even Paris.

I went on vacation to Las Vegas.

Where else can one sleep in world-class hotel suites for the price of a hostel in most major cities? Where else can one see a $90-a-ticket Cirque de Soleil show and then walk through a shopping mall with a yard long drink that involves frozen soda and cheap rum? And where else can one lose more money in an hour than she makes in a week?

Clearly, this city speaks to me.

Though I ate mostly at old favorite restaurants, there are a few new dishes (and restaurants) that I tried that really deserve mention!

Sliders at She

If you find yourself a little peckish and in the mood for an upscale midnight snack,  head straight to She at Crystals shopping center. This sezy steakhouse by Mortons has all of the serious beef offerings of its parent restaurant but adds a young, hip vibe with a catwalk straight down the center of the restaurant. Enjoy burlesque performances and sideshow acts like belly dancers, sword swallowers, and extremely flexible, scantily clad jugglers.

If you like the ladies, this restaurant is for you.

And even if your taste runs to John Hamm instead of Christina Hendricks, this restaurant is worth a stop for the comfortable outdoor seating and the awesome sliders.  Juicy and coked to a rosy pink with a soft texture, they are served with sharp cheddar cheese, creamy Russian dressing, and some tangy pickled onions. The brioche buns are soft and eggy but still stand up to the patties’ ample juices. This restaurant isn’t cheap but during happy hour, these sliders are offered at a significant discount, as are crisply fried tempura shrimp and a bevvy of cocktails. She is a welcome addition to the Strip as a place to sit and relax outside while enjoying some really quality bites.

Huevo frito con caviar at Jaleo

Yes, Jaleo again. It was just as  vibrant, as exciting, as mouth watering, delicious as it was the last time I visited. This time, my sister was wise enough to order the egg-on-egg combo that brought our table to its knees. The egg arrives gently fried so that the white is firm bu the yolk is thick and gooey. The caviar is in an ebony pile on top promising salt and brine.

When the server cuts up the mixture and instructs you to spread it on the pillowy toasted bread, follow her instructions. The bite will be rich, buttery, salty, and very savory. It isn’t fishy or bitter at all – just like the world’s best poached eggs on toast. The little pops of caviar under your teeth are a wonderful counterpart to the silky fried egg and you may find yourself begging for extra bread to swipe the bottom of the bowl for any remnants of this deeply satisfying dish. 

Club Sandwich at Cafe Vettro

This is the place you visit when you just came off of 2 four hour flights that started at 3 am 3,000 miles away. The 24 hour restaurant in the Aria is more than the old fashioned Vegas coffee shops that are known for piles of mushy home fries and questionable clam chowder. Cafe Vettro is light, modern, and the food is downright craveable. The club sandwich is among the best of an excellent and huge menu. The house roasted turkey is juicy, the veggies are crisp, and the mayo is plentifully applied. The fries are salty and hot, and the whole plate can easily feed 2 people. This is a fantastic lunch option, and the staff is commendably efficient, helpful, and friendly.

Wanna know where else I worshipped during my visit to the motherland? Head back tomorrow for my re-review of what is heralded as the best Thai restaurant in America, Lotus of Siam.


  1. Never thought a club sandwich could look so good. I really do need to add Vegas to my travel list and get out there while I can still enjoy myself!