With a Name Like Bubby’s, It Has to be Good

When you walk into a restaurant called Bubby’s, with a tall display case of pies and cakes, homemade jam on every table, and cute servers in hipster jeans and tortoiseshell glasses, you know that the food is gonna be ironic and retro.

What you might not know is that it’s also gonna be really, really tasty.

Bubby’s is a 24 hour restaurant in Tribeca that’s part diner, part locavore scene, part after-hours coffeehouse. They offer midnight brunch, an awesome kids menu, and a full cocktail list. This is the ideal neighborhood restaurant for families or groups of friends. It’s delicious but not fancy and cool but not pretentious.

Roasted sunchoke salad

This daily special was awesome. Sunchokes are like a cross between potatoes and artichokes – when roasted, they become tender with crispy brown outsides and a distinctly grassy taste. Here, they are served with shaved Parmesan cheese and arugula dressed in a bright, acidic dressing. The sunchokes soak up the dressing and next to the salty cheese and bitter arugula, make for a really interesting and satisfying salad.

Carrot and ginger soup

Not what I was expecting, but tasty nonetheless. Usually  carrot ginger soup is creamy and rich, with a strong taste of coconut milk or cream and a slight warmth from the ginger. Here, it is thin with some strings of carrot pulp and a big wham POW of ginger flavor – that stuff knocks you off your feet. The soup is incredibly bright and light, with a rich vegetable stock anchoring it. Though I don’t love the pulp, the taste of the sweet carrots and that fiery ginger is warming and soothing; ideal for a wintry day.

Chickpea fries with harissa aioli

These. Are. GOOD. These falafel sticks are moist, dense, and flecked with fresh herbs and a heavy hit of pepper. They are creamy, crunchy, and altogether delicious. The harissa mayo is smoky and cool with just a touch of spice – not enough for real chiliheads like me, but still an ideal accompaniment. These are a must order.

Peanut butter pie

As is this pie. Wow. A mountain of incredibly intense, sweet and salty peanut butter on a layer of gooey chocolate gananche and buttery graham crackers  It’s dense, it’s in your face, it’s utterly simple. And duh, stupidly tasty. I ate it till I got a stomach ache. So worth it.

Bubby’s is a great neighborhood spot. It’s well priced with efficient service, fun atmosphere, and super tasty food.

With a name like Bubby’s, it has to be good.

Thanks for that line, Smucker’s.

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  1. The Kale Salad rocked too. I want to go back for the peanut butter pie!