BurgerFi – Go for the Burgers, Stay for the Custard

Let’s talk burgers.

You know, for a change.

BurgerFi is an UES burger restaurant that – might as well make the comparison here – looks a whole lot like Shake Shack. Antibiotic free beef, frozen custard, and made to order gourmet dogs and burgers. Pair those characteristics with a fast service restaurant concept and its hard to tell the two apart. How, you ask, does the food compare?

Texas Chili Dog

One of my dining companions said that this tasted like 7-11 chili. I would equate it more to Der Wienerschniztel chili, but either way, there you have it. It’s thin, salty, and just slightly zesty with cumin and a bit of cayenne. It’s basically perfect. Slathered over a charred hot dog with gooey cheese sauce and a fluffy bun, it’s really tasty stuff. Nothing out of this world, but very satisfying. 

The BAD (breakfast all day) burger, with bacon, cheese, hash browns, and an egg, all drizzled in maple syrup

This burger, which both of my friends got, is really pretty great. The egg is nicely gooey, the bacon is crispy, and the hash browns are…well, they are fried potatoes and onions. How bad could they be, right? The maple syrup adds a really interesting sweet touch – why weren’t people doing this before?! The only downside, for me, was the beef itself. A little thin and served only well done or medium well, they lack seasoning and char. A sad story, since the rest of the burger is so tasty.


I only had the fries, but damn were they good. Crispy, salty, and fresh cut. These are fries you pay $7 an order for in a fancy gastropub, which make them a really great deal here. Swipe them in some mayo and you will be in heaven.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Concrete

Sorry, Shake Shack. This is where you lose. The custard here is far superior. The concrete here is thick and rich without being overly bitter or chemically tasting. The chocolate is mild, letting the eggy, creamy taste of the custard shine through. The peanut butter flavor takes a backseat, offering a slightly salty backnote to all of that sweetness. Totally craveable.

BurgerFi offers tasty food at great prices. It’s nothing novel, but it does fit a need in that neighborhood. Though the burgers can’t touch Shake Shack’s, the fries are just as good and the dessert options are actually better. Hopefully there are more places like this in the future, because if there is anything I consistently need and want…

It’s a burger

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  1. Since I’m in love with Shake Shack, I NEED to go here!