Favorite Recent Bites

And now for your weekly does of my 3 favorite recent bites:

French toast at ABC Kitchen

Calling this French toast is like calling Kate Middleton a normal British girl – it’s a vast understatement. The french toast is at least an inch thick, with a crunchy crust that cuts through to reveal a vanilla custard-like interior. The roasted apples alongside are sweet and aromatic, ideal for highlighting the toast’s yeasty taste without overpowering it. The maple syrup served alongside sinks through the crust, slowly softening it and saturating it with flavor. This is more dessert than breakfast, which makes it the ideal brunch dish.

Thai beef salad at Jaiya

Awesome. Tender, medium rare strips of steak served in a sour, punchy sauce with fresh mint and shards of  red onion. Sweet, sour, salty, and hot. The mint is so fresh and cooling next to the punches of hot Thai peppers and the juicy beef. This is a wonderful lunch dish with some sticky rice on the side. Just be sure to bring some breath mints or just breathe in the faces of coworkers whom you hate.

German chocolate  cupcake at House of Cupcakes

This is why NYC is so great. Where else can you wander around after dinner and just happen to run into the winners of Cupcake Wars? This shop is large and bright, with a plethora of gourmet cupcakes. This German chocolate one is a mini version of the decadent classic – sweet, moist cake with none of the bitter qualities of lesser cupcakes. The topping is sweet, sticky, and loaded with coconut and slivered pecans. It’s rich but not cloying and perfect for a quick dessert.

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