What’s Delicious Lately

These three dishes have tickled my tastebuds recently, and you should go seek them out!:

Chocolate Cupcake at Butter Lane Cupcakes

No, these aren’t better than Buttercup cupcakes, but they are really tasty. The gimmick is also great – mix and match the flavors of cupcakes and icing as you like. The icing comes in flavors like espresso and salted caramel, plus there is a weekly rotating flavor. The cake is a little drier than I like, but the frosting is lovely. Not too sweet, not too thick – just light, tangy cream cheese frosting that is moist and finger-lickin good.

Steak Tartare at Danji

This little modern Korean restaurant is as wonderful now as it was when it first opened. The menu continues to evolve with dishes like this. The steak is hand cut so it reteaisn a steak-like texture. It is mixed with a heavy dose of sesame oil and fragrant Asian spices. It is topped with sweet Asian pear and served with a qual egg and crispy slaw alongside. Once you mix up all the ingredients, the plate loses its lovely look but tastes incredible. A variety of tastes and textures that is cool, crunchy, spicy, salty, nutty, and very satisfying. Sit at the bar with a glass of champagne and order a few small plates, including this.

Pizza from Gloria’s

Just great NYC pizza. Thin, foldable crust. Oregano spiked sauce. A thin layer of bubbly cheese. Warm, savory, pleasantly greasy. Perfection eaten off of a paper plate with a sprinkle of hot pepper flakes.