Get Meaty

I love a dainty bite. I’m a fan of vegetables. But sometimes, a hungry gal just wants meat.

That’s what she said.

Here are 3 of the best, meatiest bites in town.

Pigs in Blankets at Dakota Bar

A bright spot on an otherwise uninspired menu. Mini hot dogs are savory and juicy inside buttery pastry blankets. They are served with a wonderfully spicy deli mustard and tangy sesame coleslaw that is refreshing and bright. The order is generous enough to share as a hearty appetizer or eat as a meal on your own. Pigs in blankets are my favorite bar mitzvah snacks, and the fact that I can now eat them without having to be in 8th grade – major win.

Chicken liver mousse parfait at Center Bar

My favorite swanky UWS spot. This Michael Lomonaco helmed restaurant and bar is on the highest level of the Time Warner Center, overlooking Central Park. As you sit and sip excellently made cocktails you have the pleasure of watching the sun go down and the city lights turn on. Treat yourself to Asian style crispy pork belly or this chicken liver mousse parfait, covered in sweet raspberry jam and luscious flakes of sea salt. It’s creamy, light, and rich but not at all heavy. The brioche soldiers are crunchy without and fluffy within – this plate is decadent and elegant enough to stand up to the lovely surroundings.

Chili at LIC Corner Bistro

This place had great burgers when I went. But the chili is the stuff I dream of. Thick and hearty, with tender beans, juicy ground beef, and a layer of thick, gooey cheese on top. The tastes are meaty, salty, and sharp with raw onion. It’s exactly the type of chili that I would make myself – the kind that cooks all day ,sticks to your ribs, and needs a hit of Tabasco sauce to bring it up to nasal passage-clearing status. A couple of saltines come alongside, but I suggest ordering this with a side of fries for the ultimate chili fries.

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