Tasty Lately

Where am I eating and what am I loving?

That’s what she said

pix 076 Make your own mac and cheese at S’mac

I have waxed poetic about this place before. The have a plethora of totally delicious macaroni and cheese options ranging from the simple to the extravagant. However, you can also make your own dish, which turns out just the way you want it. My version, with mozzarella, cheddar, ground beef, roasted tomatoes, and scallions, was absolutely epic. Creamy and stretchy and tangy. Spicy ground beef, juicy tomatoes, and a really nice sharpness from the scallions. unfortunately, I will probably never eat it again..choosing from the gigantic list of mix ins means I simply have to try something new every time!

pix 001 Baked clams at Esca

I have been holding out on you. There is one restaurant that I never, ever blog about. I leave my camera at home, order a Negroni, and eat myself silly. The restaurant is Esca. The chef, David Pasternack, fishes for and cooks the best seafood in the city. The pastas are non pareil. The crudos are sublime. And the baked clams are always delicious. This iteration is topped with garlicky ramps and buttery Ritz crackers, providing the lemony, buttery, spicy sauce of my dreams. The clams are soft and salty beneath their crunchy, buttery topping.

Go here. Or don’t…that way, it’s easier for me to get a reservation.

pix 042-001 Harbison cheese by Cellars at Jasper Hill

I tried this cheese at a Whole Foods cheese and wine event and it blew. my. mind.

This is like Camembert on incredibly creamy, earthy steroids. This gal is bloomy, earthy, and really savory. This simply CRIES out for a glass of prosecco and a warm baguette. Or you could wrap it in puff pastry dough and bake it.
pix 041-001 But with cheese this tasty, you don’t need to gild the lily.