Wafles and Dinges Will Turn You Waffle Crazy

Did you know that I love waffles?  Well, I do.  Everything from crappy Eggos to decadent Belgian waffles at a hotel brunch, I love them all. I crave the crisp edges with the fluffy innards – and, of course, the toppings.  Syrup, ice cream, fried chicken, and everything in between.   Yep, waffles are pretty amazing.

So, naturally, I love the  Wafels and Dinges cart.

 Wafles and Dinges means waffles and toppings in Flemish, Belgian’s national language.  They specialize in the Belgian waffles known as liege waffles. Liege waffles are special because they are incredibly light, a little chewy, and filled with large, crunchy grains of vanilla-scented sugar.

Each waffle is made to order and topped with everything from pulled pork to whipped cream to…


Spekuloos (often known as cookie butter or Biscoff spread) may be the most addictive substance since reality tv. It tastes like gingerbread and graham crackers with the consistency of peanut butter. It is sweet, gently spicy, fragrant, indulgent, and nutty all at once – just fantastic stuff!

The waffle itself is outstanding. Yeasty, fluffy, just barely chewy, with those big hunks of caramelized sugar pearls.  Lacquered with that sweet spread, it is an absolutely perfect snack.

Head here post haste. Wafles and Dinges is well priced, unique, and delicious.  And by the way…you can by a jar of the spekuloos to take home – that isn’t particularly cheap but it is TOTALLY worth it.

This truck will turn you into a waffle fanatic, too.


  1. I love Spekuloos!! Almost ate a whole jar myself. Can’t keep it in the apartment.