Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

This is one of those “is it even a recipe?” posts.

But, if you didn’t grow up loving the slow cooker as another sister, then maybe you don’t know phenomenal it is!

Slow cookers are the best. They transform cheap cuts of meat into downright luxurious meals. You can start it in the morning and by the time you get home at night, dinner is already made. It’s heralded in the winter, when it can make hearty boeuf bourguignon and creamy soups, but it’s great in the summer too.

For those of us who don’t have grills, don’t want to make smokers, or are just plain old lazy…

it can make some pretty kick ass pulled pork.

The key here is to use a bbq sauce that you really like – it does all of the seasoning work for you. Also be sure to cut the pork into pieces, which helps it cook faster.

Because I NEVER start this early enough in the morning. It’s a cheater step.

Easy Crockpot Pulled Pork

2013-06-22 pix1 Ingredients:

1 lb. boneless pork loin or roast, cut into 4 or 5 pieces

12 oz. your favorite bbq sauce

1 onion, cut into quarters

2 whole garlic cloves

1/2 habanero (optional)

pix 054 1. Put all ingredients into the crockpot.
pix 055 2. Be sure to mix it around so the ingredients all get sauced, then set it on low and let it cook for about 7 hours.

asian din 004

You will know it is done when the meat shreds easily with two forks, the onions are meltingly tender, and the fat pulls easily away from the meat.

asian din 012

3. Pull the meat with 2 forks, boil the leftover sauce  (there will be a lot more than what you started with) in a pot on the stove until it thickens (maybe 10 minutes), and mix with the shredded meat. 
yet more pictyuhz 054 4. Taste for seasonings and serve.

This makes the best sandwich filling. It’s soft and juicy with a very faint echo of bite – the cooking really mellows out that habanero.  I never trim the fat, and it just melts beautifully into the juicy meat. Piled high on a potato roll, topped with coleslaw, I can’t think of anything more delicious.

yet more pictyuhz 056 Except a second sandwich.


  1. I’m obsessed with this pulled pork crock pot recipe: http://pinterest.com/pin/162622236516946662/ A bit more work because you caramelize onions first, but so worth it!


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