Get Your Fix at Ardesia

I am a wine bar addict always in search of my next fix.

I will go anywhere to find it – that great bottle of vinho verde, that perfectly roasted macadamia nut and salted caramel brittle.

And, like all those who are dedicated to finding the best, I know to look on the far edges of town.

After all, that’s how I ended up at Ardesia.

pix 015 This spacious wine bar is hardly a hidden gem, but it’s so far west that I have never frequented it. This is far west – as in, if you don’t watch it you might go out the side door and end up on the west side highway west. It took awhile to schlep there but once I arrived, I was glad I came.

pix 016 The space is much larger than a standard wine bar, with a comfortable lounge, a long bar, and lots of outdoor seating on the patio.

pix 018 It was empty when I arrived, but by 6:30pm, people were swarming the joint. This is a really great place for drinks with a few friends.

pix 019 Lillet spritz

If you think white wine spritzers are all about moms at country clubs named Buffy, you are sorely mistaken. This spritzer, made with lillet, prosecco, grapefruit bitters, and lemon, is as complex and tasty as any cocktail I have had. The prosecco is crisp and a little sweet, which works perfectly with the herbal, aromatic lillet. The grapefruit provides a touch of bitterness, and the lemon adds a final, bright acidity. If you like negronis, this light cocktail is a must try.

pix 022 Fava bean crostini

Favas, where have you been all my life?! This crostini is so packed full of flavor that it belies its tiny size. Grassy and garlicky, with a slight sweetness and some salty pecorino cheese. It’s not totally smooth, which really makes it more satisfying and hearty. The bread is from Amy’s, which elevates the dish even further. Crispy and creamy at the same time – this is the perfect small bite to accompany wine.

pix 023 Cheese plate

I know cheese. Maybe you do, too.

Forget everything you want to order and let the server make you a plate.

We had stinky cheeses, creamy cheeses, silky cheese and hard cheeses. Cheeses that were grassy and soft, nutty and firm, smooth and rich. Cheese that came with pickled ramps, tiny potato chips, and homemade(incredible) graham crackers. Accompanied, of course, by Amy’s bread.

I have no idea what cheeses I ate because I was 2 white wine spritzers in at this point.

Okay, so I sound  little bit like Buffy at the country club at this point.

Ardesia is worth the trek. They have a great weekend and weekday happy hour, a lovely menu (next time I am definitely getting the duck banh mi), and the pricing is fair for the quality of food and excellent service.

Actually, I’m kinda jonesing now.

I think I need another lillet hit.

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