Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog

I love weiners.

That’s SO what she said.

Therefore, when I had a chance to go to Hot Diggity, I knew I had to take it.

more pix 092 I mostly knew this place from its cool artwork on Serious Eats. It’s known for its all natural hot dogs with outlandish toppings that include everything from Cincinnati chili to guava mustard to a deep fried fishcake.

more pix 093 It also includes specials that incovle local produce, cheeses, and other products. This shop is all about supporting the community in delicious ways.

more pix 094 Just order at the front then sit at one of the long tables and wait for your dog.

more pix 096 There are even handy little holes in the counter if you get fries served in a paper cone.

more pix 097 Saigon Fusion with cucumbers, cilantro, and shredded vegetables in a sweet chili vinaigrette

This is good. But that’s it. It’s not as good as it could be. The dog is juicy and pleasantly savory, but it lacks the crispy char of a really well grilled dog. The pickles aren’t quite sour enough and the bun is a little cottony for my tastes. The vinaigrette is excellent – sweet,. sticky, and a little spicy. The fresh jalapeno slices add another layer of flavor. However, the whole dog is just short of…wow. A smear of funky pate or a crustier roll or something could have brought it to the next level.

more pix 100 Seasonal pickle plate

The best plate of the day, no question. Salsify, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, and more are all pickled in a lightly garlicky brine that lets the sweet, grassy or creamy, savory notes of the vegetables shine through. They are snappy and fresh without too much salt or sugar – it’s really about showing off the vegetables. These are awesome and as the selection changes according to fresh vegetables, you can get a different selection almost every time you go.

more pix 103 The Windy City with tomatoes, relish, onions, mustard, and a crispy pickle spear.

Once again, underwhelming. Not enough celery salt, no sport peppers, that bun that I’m not crazy about. It’s fine but not worth seeking out.

Unfortunately, that’s how I felt about this place in general. Fine. Not great. Not really worth the money or time. It’s too bad because I love the setting, the waitstaff, and the way that the menu sounds. But they need to up their game before they get me back their again.

That’s also what she said.


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