Ice Cream Bender at The Bent Spoon

The East coast is so hot right now that all of my freckles have officially melted off of my face.

It’s steamy. It’s humid.

And the only thing that gives any of us a break is ice cream

Okay, and air conditioners…but you can’t get hot fudge on air conditioners, now can you!?

more pix 080 The Bent Spoon is a Princeton, New Jersey institution.

It’s known for its outlandish ice cream flavors, made mostly from seasonal and local produce and dairies.
more pix 082 If the line outside looks long, don’t panic (like I did.) The staff is amazingly efficient, and before you know it, you will be up at the counter ordering your favorite summertime treats.
more pix 085 There are assorted baked goods, including some seriously tasty looking cookies, but I was here for one reason only…

more pix 086 The gorgeous ice creams and sorbets. The flavors change frequently, so you might not be able to eat what I did…

But for your sake, I hope you are.
more pix 087 Chocolate Sorbet

To call this sorbet seems almost disrespectful. I mean, any cocoa, water, and sugar based frozen dessert can call itself chocolate sorbet. This is more like chocolate nirvana. Incredibly creamy – so much so that we had a hard time believing it is dairy free (it is.) Deeply chocolate but not bitter – somewhere between milk and dark, where it’s sweet but deep. It isn’t icy or gritty the way that most sorbets are. It’s so smooth and intensely flavored that it really tastes indulgent. This is a major win.

more pix 088 Ricotta ice cream with Peach Berry sorbet

So delicious that I almost cried. The peach berry sorbet had a soft but traditional texture. The standout is the bright flavor – sweet, honeyed peaches and tart, fruity blackberries. The flecks of blackberry and its purple juices stain the ice cream purple, but the peach flavor is really prevalent. The flavors work beautifully together. The ricotta ice cream is even better. Very rich and eggy, with notes of orange zest and cinnamon. It is like eating a tres leches cake. It is so silky and buttery that I couldn’t eat the whole scoop myself.

That was a total lie. Of course I ate it all myself.

more pix 089 Mint nib croissant sandwich

Ice cream stuffed into a croissant? Brilliant. Like nutella and baguette, this sweet and savory mixture is awesome. Plus,m the coruissant is easier to bite than cookies, resulting in way less mess. This mint was not my favorite – it was so menthol-y that it almost made me dizzy – but my mint obsessed sister loved it.

The Bent Spoon is the best ice cream place I have been to since Eddie’s. What it lacks in seating space and history, it makes up for in some truly outstanding ice cream. Homemade with local products, it has the best sorbet I have had on the East coast. The ricotta ice cream is a dream. And I didn’t even get to try their famous banana whip yet.

Guess I’ll have to journey back.

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  1. i need this.
    all of it.
    you had me at chocolate sorbet.