My Favorite Season

Another look at a post that got eaten by the blog move time machine!

You might think, from this post’s title, that this post is about summer.  Or Hanukkah time.  You would be wrong.



It’s about this totally fabulous store called A Southern Season.  Located in Chapel Hill, NC, this privately owned store is Whole Foods meets Farmers Market meets Gone With the Wind.  It is the ultimate emporium for all things Southern, local, and of course, food related!  Acclaimed everywhere from The Food Network to the New York Times, this place  is any foodie’s DREAM!

Come down the aisles of this delightful store with me, won’t you?

 Cheeses not only from France and Italy, but from small producers all over the US – local foods reign supreme here.

Banana pudding.  Oh you have had banana pudding before?

No you haven’t.  If it was north of the Mason-Dixon line, you haven’t had it.  

Creamy, sweet, thick, rich…it would have been a challenge to eat more than the little tasting cup I got.  But  I would have risen to said challenge if we hadn’t headed next to the homemade candy section.  Truffles, peanut brittle, Jordan almonds, and chocolate galore. It was both beautiful and a diabetic’s nightmare.

I WISH we had not had lunch already.  Doesn’t this just sound like heaven?  “Plenty of mayo.”

 These people speak my language.

 Would that my mom’s name were Sally Belle and that she could make these.

 But that lady is more adept at fried latkes than fried tomatoes.

In store pulled pork demo!

Goyem gribenes.

Tender and umami-licious slow roasted pork.

Here we are with the lovely and charming Lisa, who cooked the pork and gave us restaurant recommendations.  She – like every person we ran into at A Southern Season(especially Don Smith) – was helpful, passionate, and well informed about the food she sold and the food scene in Chapel Hill in general.  I have NEVER had such wonderful service in my life – and all the while, the entire staff was stuffing free samples down our throats! How awesome!

We left with a bevy of goodies, including Route 11 potato chipsLowcountry Jerusalem Artichoke PicklesCarolina Cupboard pecan pralines and pimento cheese straws, and so many more delights I can’t even remember them all.

A Southern Season is a truly wonderful store supporting indigenous southern cuisine and local food producers.  The people who work there believe in the power of food, and the importance of this store.

 And I believe in them.