Taking Time for Cake, Bread, and Pretzel Puff Pastry

A few worthwhile bites around town:

more pix 002 Lady M mille crepes cake

My go-to film and Thai food guru Elvis thrust this leftover piece of cake in my face and demanded that I try some.

I knew that we were friends for a reason.

This cake is wonderful. Light and creamy, somewhere between a trifle and a cake. Studded with juicy strawberries, it is simultaneously light and rich. I could eat a whole cake myself.

pics 020 Pan con tomate at Sol y Sombra

This mostly forgettable tapas restaurant features a top notch version of one of my favorite dishes. Thin but pleasantly airy so there are plenty of air pockets to absorb the fruity olive oil and generous slathering of tomatoes. The salt is judiciously applied and the portion is great. Most of all, the garlic accents the dish without overpowering it.

pix 061 Pigs in Blankets at Alfie’s

Juicy, salty cheesy sausages blanketed in a crispy, buttery pretzel-meets-puff-pastry shell. Dip it in the very hot, very sweet mustard and it is a taste sensation. It’s just awesome. The serving size isn’t huge, but the quality justifies the price and it’s a wonderful way to get your fix of something indulgent without feeling like you totally blew your week of clean eating.

Tune in tomorrow for a special guest post!