Aroma Espresso Bar – The Delight of a Boreka Surprise

On a weekend, there are a few breakfasts I enjoy.

I love a long, leisurely brunch with plenty of booze and luxurious food.

I love a greasy spoon dive with just a couple of eggs and an Advil to ward off the hangover.

I like an at-home breakfast eaten in my pajamas.

And I like a quick breakfast that is neither junky nor upscale – just wholesome, fast, and super delicious.

Enter: Aroma Espresso Bar.

[ox 638 This small chain of coffee shops is serious about their lattes, Turkish coffees (dark and very strong), and other coffee drinks. However, it also has some pretty outstanding food. It is open at 7 AM, even on the weekends, and thought it’s empty early on, it fills up soon. The decor is bright and minimal – totally utilitarian and perfect for a solo or duet meal. There is a plethora of sandwiches and American-style options, but the Middle Eastern specialties are where the kitchen really excels.
[ox 640 Boreka surprise

Maybe the best surprise since the finale of Mad Men! This boreka is like a cross between a croissant and phyllo dough – buttery, flaky, crisp on the outside but tender and even moist within. It’s served warm and sprinkled with nutty sesame seeds. Then, it is split and stuffed with tangy pickles, fresh tomatoes, salty feta, and sliced hardboiled eggs. Best of all, there is a drizzle of creamy, nutty tahini sauce. Tahini is what makes hummus so rich – it’s a thick sesame paste that is (to me) reminiscent of a less salty Thai peanut sauce. This sandwich is fresh, hearty but not greasy, and packed with flavor. It’s the ideal meal any time of day.

[ox 641 Power bbreakfast

Of course, if you go this route you also get a winner. Two eggs any style you like, a brick of crumbly feta, fresh salad leaves and olives, a bowl of Israeli salad, and a couple of slices of thick multigrain bread. This is big enough for two people to share and it’s vegetarian, to boot! Try spending $12 and getting eggs cooked this well and tomatoes this juicy and ripe in your local diner or hoity-toity brunch venue.

aroma Aroma Espresso Bar is so much more than its name intimates. It is fast, competent service. It is fair prices. It is friendly for families but spacious enough to sit alone with your book. Best of all, it is some really delicious and unique breakfast food.

That’s what makes it one of my favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, or dinner any day of the week.